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Hello everyone!
  I figured it was time to update again though I don't have anything terribly interesting to share!  I still owe some of you some art and I have not forgotten!  I have started to reach out to people, and if you haven't heard from me yet, please rest assured that you will.  I am tackling sketch commissions first and I am trying to go in order so if you are waiting on a sketch and haven't heard from me, I will reach out to you as soon as I get to you so that there isn't much of a wait for your art past the point of me reaching out.   I appreciate the patience and understanding from everyone and I apologize deeply for the wait.  As I've gone through some obstacles over the last few year, I have been shown some incredible kindness from people - many of who I don't really know beyond tumblr or DA etc!  And it has touched my heart and made things a lot easier for me to deal with while I go through other stuff.  And I can't thank you enough for that.  No one deserves to have to wait so long and there is no excuse great enough to justify it.  Please know that I am truly sorry and truly appreciative.

I kind of imagine it must seem like I'll never upload art again!  But that is not my intention.  Some of you know that I was without a properly working PC for some time, so even after the dust had settled from us losing our home I still had to contend with other obstacles.  Luckily, I have a PC again and I've finally got my "ducks in a row" so to speak so I'm ready to get to work :)  Sadly, I have had to kind of accept that in this stage of my life I just don't have much time for internet activities anymore so aside from uploading things here or at tumblr (and I'm considering opening up an instagram account?) I won't be around much.  So I'd still strongly prefer if you contact me via email at rather than leaving me a note here, which might go unnoticed for too long (and I don't want anyone to think I am ignoring them!).  Again, I will reach out to those waiting as well, one by one as I get to each person also.
Hi everyone - how are you?  I know I haven't been around, and I apologize about any correspondance that went unanswered.  I'm afraid this is the first time in a very very long time I have logged into DA.  

I could tell you a lot about what has happened to me over the last 16 months.  I could write pages and pages about what I've gone through.  But, I'm not going to do that.  I will instead simply say that I have been through some life-altering events and crises.  I have been at the lowest low, the deepest depression and I have found my life... quite different than what it had been.  I had a difficult time dealing with the events of my life.  Logging on to DA was definitely not on my mind.  So I haven't posted anything here in over a year.  I have not drawn anything in longer.  

But, my life is starting to sort itself out a bit.  I'm starting to recover, starting to feel a little bit human again.  I created something for the first time in a long time (which I will upload here).  I apologize I've been out of communication.  I'm sorry if you're waiting on commissions.  I have to be honest and tell you that while I'm working at doing art again and getting back in the swing of it, I still have a lot going on with work and moving and other things that have to take a priority at the moment.  So I will be working on them, but it will still have to be a "free" time sort of thing.  Thank you for being patient.

I'm sorry about being vague about things here, my intention isn't to be dramatic, but some things are too private.  But I also felt I needed to say something here, and let people know I'm still alive, I'm okay, and I'm working on being creative again.  Thank you to those who reached out to me with concern, I appreciate it so very much.

That all being said, I have no plans on logging in regularly and will likely only log in to upload new work.  If you need to reach me, please email me at - and if you could please include your DA username in the email (as I only know some people by the username!) I would appreciate it :)  

I hope this finds you all well
Hi everyone!  I know I've been really MIA here at Deviantart - since my life has experienced a long series of "downs" and I'm not arting much right now (read: at all) I don't even remember to check DA to be honest.  And I hate that I'm coming back to give an update like this, but I need to reach as many people as I can.

My dog Loki needs a lifesaving surgery and he needs it fast.  We can't afford it, plain and simple.  None of the vets who can perform the surgery are willing to do a payment plan of any sort.  I have contacted every charity and organization I can find so far and so far no one has been able to help us.  So it's come down to us raising money on GoFundMe essentially.  The problem is that I'm having a hard time getting it passed around.  You know how you see those GoFundMe posts sometimes that have like 10k notes?  Yeah, that isn't like mine at all.  So here's where I am pleading for your help.  Please share our link.  Share it on DA, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, at work, with friends - share it anywhere you can please.  And then encourage other people to share it too.  Our only chance of saving our dogs life is if we reach a lot of people.  It's a large amount of money to raise, we need a lot of eyes on this.

There are more details in the post - pictures, contact information for our vet (I know this sort of thing makes people skeptical, so I want it to be easy for people to confirm that this is unfortunately very real), and updates about us contacting organizations.

Please please please pass this on.  We are going to lose our dog if we can't raise this money fast.

PS - if you leave a comment here at all and I don't respond, please forgive me.  As I said, I often don't remember to check DA right now and it's probably easier to reach me via email or Tumblr.  Thank you everyone!
Commissions are to start rolling in again over the next week - I want to give the head's up as I know so many of you have been waiting oh so patiently.

I want to thank everyone again.  I know it's an "old" song and dance, but I can't help but keep thanking you all.  If you keep up with my tumblr, you've probably seen the continued struggles me and my husband have been going through.  If you haven't, I will merely summarize it by saying that this last year has been the hardest of my life.  Every time we've thought that things were improving, we were quickly proved wrong.  And things are still not great here (hubby is still looking for work, we're close to losing our house still) but there are up-sides and I'm not too blind to see them (we've made it this far, hubby has a good job lead right now, hubby's depression is SO so so so much better).  Art is hard to do when you feel like everything in your life is wrong and off.  It's hard to really do anything at all when you want to give up.  But I'm ready again.  I've accepted that whatever is going to going to happen.  I've done everything I can at this point and there is nothing left for me to do but hope and pray and keep my fingers and toes crossed!  Accepting that has lifted a weight from my shoulders.  It's not that I don't still worry about losing the house.  It's that I know I can't do anything else right now.  It's a kind of freedom to recognize where you have no control.  And with that recognition, I'm finally able to be creative again and put myself back into it.  

Thank you so much for waiting.  Thank you for being understanding and supportive and KIND in a way no one owed me.  I appreciate it so much.  

Going forward I'd also like to note that any warm up sketches and doodles will be only uploaded to Tumblr unless they are fanart (all sketch commissions will still be uploaded here at DA), so if you care about that at all, follow me over there! :)

Edited to add 2/3 - 
Thank you so much everyone.  Thanks for passing on the link and for helping out.  We met our goal - which, by itself, is something I could never have dreamed would happen - and we did it lightning fast thanks to incredible generosity and kindness.  I have known for a long time that I'm incredibly blessed in several areas of my life, regardless of whatever happens in the other areas.  Having made so many friendships with people online and off with people who are inspiring, kind, generous, selfless and all around awesomesauce is one of those things I realize went really REALLY right in my life.  In this instance, it wasn't just having people help and essentially dig us out of a real bad situation, but also just showing a lot of love to us.  No one has been judgmental (the joke is that no one could ever be as judgmental about my life as I already am anyways!) and people have said kind and reassuring things to let us know that we'll get through this and that we're not alone through any of it.  It goes a long ways to soothe fear and sadness when you know you are not alone.  Thank you very much - so much love and gratitude to you all.

^ That link right there goes to our GoFundMe page and it has an explanation of what is happening there.  

I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible.  And please forgive that I'm just going to copy/paste this info anywhere I post this.  It is embarrassing and sad having to ask for help like this again.  But as I mention on the fundraiser page, it's not so embarrassing that I would rather just lose my house.  Some of you know I've had a bad year.  It's not been great.  It would definitely be about a thousand times worse to lose our house though, especially right as we seem to have finally made some significant progress with my husbands depression.  So there it is.  If you can help - we appreciate it, really.  There is no way to type exactly how MUCH we appreciate it, so please read that as it was intended - with the utmost gratitude and love.  If you can pass this link on, and share it - anywhere at all - it would mean a lot.  After all, the more eyes that see this, the better chance we have at making it out of this.  Thank you.

As an aside, if you are waiting for art from me...I'm sorry for your wait. I really am.  I desperately want to be creative but it's also quite hard to do so when you feel emotionally and mentally crushed.  I am trying though and I promise that as soon as I can get back on the ol' horse, I will be doing so and commissions will - of course - be a top priority in my life. Thank you for your patience all of you.

12/24 -
Sorry about the silence on my end over here, continuing to deal with a lot of stuff right now.  My husband lost his job again.  My pets are suffering from a flea infestation.  My dog Loki is having some health issues.  And I am too.  If only money really did grow on trees.  I just... have a lot to try to deal with right now and I'm sorry if that is interfering with my ability to communicate or be creative, or really do anything much at all online right now.

Despite those things, I do really want to wish everyone a very happy holiday.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart - I hope everyone has a great few days filled with love and laughter and joy.  And may the New Year bring everyone all the good things they deserve.  Lots of love!


(please excuse me while I clean up my journal here, the below link to gofundme is still active and we're still trying to raise money but I have removed any other updates about the situation since I think people mostly know what happened now).

While I am still filled with sorrow, I am also trying to get on top of something that will quickly become a big problem for us otherwise.  I would appreciate so much if people would please share that link at FB, here, Tumblr, etc (I have it linked at my own FB pages and Tumblr as well).
I also want to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support.  

We're still taking donations at gofund me - and this is probably the last time I will "bump" the link here.  Thank you so much everyone for your support.  For the donations, the link sharing, the shared stories in making me feel that I am not alone in my grief.  Thank you so much.  If you still want to help but can't donate, we still appreciate when people share the link at Tumblr (I'm there under brianne33) or here or Facebook, or Twitter, or anywhere really. <-  my beautiful girl long before these problems started.  She loved to lay on bathroom rugs!


Sketch portrait commissions:
1. MerenRave - DONE
2. Space-Moose
3. WritingRin
4. PictureFreak1991
5. PictureFreak1991
6. SanityTheory
7.  RhysGuildias
8. Space-Moose
9. StrangeDisease

SKETCH COMMISSION QUEUE (regular commission queue to come)

Current sketch commission queue (ONLY sketch commissions listed here) - please remember that if you want to see any of these, to watch my "Scraps" section!  I'm uploading new art most days Monday-Friday!

StrangeDisease -
Prof. Nightfall

VodkaWatermelon at Tumblr -

RhysGuildias -

Niharike at FR -
4 undecided

Zak -

Toy Duck with fantasy/whimsical background (loose color)

CapNRCubey -




Delanthaenas at DA -
4 chars (details in email)

Niharike at FR -
12 additional

SanityTheory -
6 characters
UPDATE 7/7 - My husband started his new job today and things are really looking up!  I finally got to draw again today (wow feels good after so long!) and things will be returning mostly to normal for me as we start on this road to recovering from the last 5 months.  You can expect to see new art from me Monday-Friday and possibly on weekends as well.  If you're not watching my "scraps" section, and you're interested in seeing these finished sketch commissions, please make sure to do that!  A lot of what I'll be doing over the next month will end up in there (though not all of it!).
Sketch commission ARE closed now and sometime in the coming week I'll clean up this journal entry with clear information about what I am available for or not.  I also still have adoptables planned, though they are all still in progress and I'm not exactly certain about when they will be done.  Hopefully soon!  Thank you everyone again for all the support and kindness you've showed me.  I feel really good again and it would not be possible without all the help we've gotten.

UPDATE 6/26 - I also want to note here that I am trying, trying TRYING to get back to arting and once again I sincerely apologize to those waiting for sketches!  Everything sort of hit breakneck speed a few weeks ago and trying to take care of everything each day is pretty all-consuming and leaves me with little time at the end of the day to do anything fun (art, games, net browsing, etc).  I promise (pinkie promise!) that I am doing the best I can and I will - at the very LEAST - be able to get back in the full swing of daily drawing at the time my hubby starts work on July 7th.  Going to try very hard to get back to that before then, but I can at least say that at least when he goes back to work I will have some more time on my hands in the afternoons to draw!!

UPDATE 6/25 - My husband was offered a job!!  It doesn't start until July 7th, but that news in combination with the fact that he has started treatment makes me feel like there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  I'm still taking commissions on in the meantime, but sketch commissions will still close on the 4th of July.  I just want to say thank you for everyone for all the help and encouragement.  We would not have made it through this without the kindness of friends and strangers alike.  

UPDATE 6/20 -
Hi guys!  Please forgive my recent silence, I am trying very hard to get through a few rough weeks and just come out with as few "bruises" as possible :)  I AM really, really trying to get back on top of the sketch commissions and I sincerely apologize for the delay and want to thank everyone for being patient while they wait!  I'm afraid life has thrown me an awful lot of curve balls over the last 6 months or so.  And to complete the analogy, I've only got two hands and they are both already full!
I also want to notify people that while I am still taking on commissions and still desperately need the money (bills will hit again over the next two weeks) I will be closing the sketch commissions for a while in 2 weeks.  If you want to get in on any of those, please be certain to notify me and get payment in before that time, thank you!  I WILL still be taking on non-sketch commissions past that point for those who would like more finished work.
Sketches that are half body-ish with loose color are $10 each.  Sketch portraits with loose color are a mere $5.  I ask that people please cover paypal fees when hiring me and tips are greatly appreciated but not required!

If you're interested in knowing about what is going on and what we're facing, this link leads to my post on Tumblr that talks about it:
We are having an emergency.  I wrote up a post about it on Tumblr, that explains what is happening.…
This is very serious.  We need help while my husband seeks medical attention for his mental health.  Please check out the link.  Please share it, reblog it, pass it on to friends and family.  Please hire me if you can.  I'm available for multiple types of commissions and tips and donations are also welcome.  As long as this DA journal states that I am taking on work you can still hire me.  My paypal address is - please note that I do ask people to please cover the paypal fees when hiring me and tips are optional but appreciated! :)

Current sketch commission queue (ONLY sketch commissions listed here)

Niharike at FR -
6 Dragon Gijinka

StrangeDisease -

Space-Moose -

SanityTheory -

StrangeDisease -
Prof. Nightfall

VodkaWatermelon at Tumblr -

RhysGuildias -

Niharike at FR -
4 undecided

Zak -

Toy Duck with fantasy/whimsical background (loose color)

CapNRCubey -


Balthial (pictured with SanityTheory's Ezra, listed above)


Delanthaenas at DA -
4 chars (details in email)

Niharike at FR -
12 additional

SanityTheory -
6 characters

Hey everyone!  My husband has been out of a job for a while and we’re really having a hard time getting by while he looks for more work.  Aside from needing to pay bills, I need some basic toiletries and our dogs need their heartworm pills.  It’s been hard to get any commission work lately, so I’m trying this out in hopes I can raise a little extra scratch.

On Monday April 7th, I’m doing a sketch-a-thon.  I will be here sketching nearly all day.  For that day only, I will be doing quick $5 sketches.  It will not be a normal commission in that there will be no approval stage and you may receive a portrait sketch, a full body, some greyscale shading, some loose color, or just linework.  The only thing you’re guaranteed is that you will get a sketch of your character for $5 :)

I ask that all payments be sent with paypal fees paid - making it more like 5.32 in the end (we’re hurting for money, that little bit extra helps!) and if you feel like sending along any extra as a tip or donation, it will be appreciated (but not required).

I am only taking payments for these up until Sunday evening.  If you’re interested, please send payment to with your character’s name and ref images/brief physical description.  Please note that I am not currently taking on any mech based characters or “furries”.

Done taking these on for now!  Check back another time I might do this again!  I'm also always available for regular commissions, contact me if you are interested in hiring me!  My sketches for this will be on my Tumblr, so don't forget to check that out! :)

Don't forget you can find me at tumblr under !
So, I wanted to talk about what I call the Guilt Spiral of Doom (as the title of this journal may have given away).  I don't claim to be an expert at anything, so nothing you read here is going to be "ABSOLUTELY TRUE" in all cases.  I can only speak from my own experience and share and hope that perhaps what I've been through and how I've coped with it might help other artists out there going through the same thing.

The Guilt Spiral starts off innocently enough.  For a lot of us, it actually starts with something happening in our lives that necessitates the need for quick money.  Our car breaks down, we lose our job, we experience health issues - whatever it is, we need money and we need it fast and we're probably panicked about it.  This bad thing that happens to us - whatever it is - the need to resolve it is stronger than our need to not overburden ourselves with a workload we can't handle.  So we open up for commissions that are cheap.  The idea is that if they're cheap, we can get a lot of them and quickly earn enough to deal with whatever it is in our lives that has cropped up.

The problem is - this usually works.  And it's a problem with multiple issues - one of which, is that it devalues our own work.  Which isn't good, and I'm not going to go into that here in this journal (especially since I think a lot of other artists have touched on the subject and put it far more eloquently than I could).  Another one - and the one that leads to the Guilt Spiral - is that it immediately bogs us down in a workload we are likely not mentally prepared to handle at the time.  Especially when we may be going through something that is possibly already taking up a lot of our time and energy.

So, now you've reached the point where maybe your initial issue that you needed money for is resolved.  And the dust is settling and suddenly you realize that you have A LOT of work to do.  You're still tired though from whatever you just went through and all that work seems really daunting.  You think, "That's a lot of work.  How am I going to finish all that work?  This is going to take forever!!" and you feel exhausted before you even begin.  So, you put it off for a little bit.  I mean... you're recovering from something stressful and possibly emotionally and physically demanding.  You deserve a little time to recover from that right?

And it starts off pretty innocently.  You think just a week.  Just one week to recover, then I'll get right on all that work I owe.  But a week comes and goes and you still don't feel like it, because when you look at that to do list, you start to feel scared.  And the longer this goes on, the worse you feel about it.  Then the guilt settles in.  These people helped you in a time of need and gave you money and trusted that you would do work for them in return.  But you aren't doing the work.  You feel awful.  And feeling that awful makes you not feel very creative.  In fact, it makes you feel creatively drained.  And it's this awful cycle that gets worse - the guiltier you feel, the less you want to work.  The less you work, the guiltier you feel.  And it goes on and on and before you know it, you don't want to be creative at all anymore and even thinking about picking up a paintbrush/pencil/tablet gives you a panic attack and makes you want to crawl into bed and forget about it.

For some of us, that guilt spiral gets so out of control that we end up trapped in it for years.  It destroys our confidence in our abilities, it makes us feel guilty and awful and it makes us question whether or not we were even meant to be artists (even though some of us have dreamed of it our whole lives).  And the worst part about it?  There is no one to blame but ourselves.  There's no outside force that we can point to and say, "That's what did it!  That's what killed my creativity!".  It's just us.  WE make OURSELVES feel like this.  

So what do you do when you're trapped in the spiral?

After years of being in this cycle myself, I have finally started to emerge (as you might have noticed I've begun posting work again and getting back on track with commissions).  I don't have any perfect answers for how to deal with it, but I have some things that have helped me crawl out of this hole and stop this Guilt Spiral (hopefully for good).  Maybe they'll work for you too.

1.  What's done is done.  You can't undo taking on those commissions and obligating yourself to a large workload.  If you are in a better financial position, you can offer to refund it - but let's be honest, most of us aren't in this position.  So you have to stop thinking about what you could have done differently.

2.  That being said, have a better plan next time you DO need money.  Things happen to us all the time - we can't avoid financial pitfalls all the time and you might be in the same position again where you need money for an emergency and have no other outlet to seek a resolution with.  And by all means - take on the work if you need to!  But, remember the things that put you in the Guilt Spiral in the first place and then avoid them.  Perhaps it's better to take on a couple of fairly priced commissions than to take on a bunch of cheap commissions.  Maybe next time you can make "adoptables" so that it frees you up from commission work, but you can still earn money from your art.  Try to think about this situation ahead of time so that if it happens again, you're prepared.

3.  Remember what you enjoy about your art.  Take pleasure in the process.  Maybe you really love doing details and putting lots of tiny little details into your work.  Do that in the commission you're working on.  Find a way to make it something you WANT to do and not that you feel obligated to do.  

4.  Stop worrying about producing a masterpiece every single time you work.  Some of us get caught up in the pressure to go above and beyond in pleasing our clients.  And that's not a bad thing!  But sometimes it clouds our vision when we paint and we end up taking five times longer because it's never "perfect enough".  Remember that if you love what you're doing and you put forth the effort, the end result will show.  Try to alleviate the pressure of trying to be "perfect".

5.  Draw every day.  That seems daunting to some people, and I get it.  When you have a lot of other responsibilities it's difficult to think about being creative every day.  But you should do it anyways!  Even if it's just 10 minutes one day, do SOMETHING.  It will keep you on your toes (creatively speaking) and keep you mentally in a creative place.

6.  Give yourself permission to work on your own projects.  This one is possibly the hardest to do when you're coming out of the Guilt Spiral.  We feel overwhelmed by the work we need to do and we feel like our focus has to be on that 100%.  After all, NOT doing the work we're supposed to is what got us to this place.  But, not giving yourself time to be creative in your own way for yourself is just as stifling as not doing the work at all.  You need to be able to get your own ideas out onto paper (virtual or otherwise).  Allow yourself to maybe work on your own stuff for an hour for every 4 or 5 hours you spend doing work.  You'll feel more productive AND more inspired in the long run.

7.  Break your work up into small chunks.  It's really easy to fall into the trap of trying to schedule out every moment of our day to be devoted to work.  And to force deadlines on ourselves like "Sketch and ink that picture today!!".  But viewing our workload in such large tasks can be overwhelming and cause us to feel discouraged before we even start.  Instead, give yourself smaller goals.  I've found that if I sit down with the goal that I'll sketch something for a commission, I often end up going well beyond that stage.  But if I don't - I don't punish myself.  If all I do is sketch for 30 minutes, that's okay.  Because I still got work done.  And if I do more than that - great!  But you have to let yourself work in small chunks sometimes and not punish yourself if you don't get farther than that.  A little progress every single day will still get you to your goals.

Okay, all that said - I'm still working on this myself!  It's a tough cycle to break and it's easy to slip back into.  It takes work and so far, I'm doing better with these steps in mind.  Hopefully this might help other people who are going through the same thing.  I hope that with continued work on my mentality that I'll get to the point where I have something to upload several times a week!  I hope someone finds this useful and thanks for reading!

Just a reminder that I can be found over at Tumblr at :)

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We lost our beloved Kayla at about 1am.  Her fight with CRF lasted about a month and unfortunately, though we tried everything, we could not save her.  She was the best cat anyone could ever ask for and she gave us more love than we ever could have hoped for.  I am deeply saddened at the moment, I know people will understand if I am MIA for a little while.
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September 2nd - I'm having a hard time figuring out how it got to be September already.  I don't know what happened to the summer.  Frankly, it sucked so much that I'm glad to be rid of it though.

Still taking on commissions (see info below) and still have stuff up on Ebay (again, see below).  We've also updated Mythos Mixtures with our Halloween/Fall scents (FYI Angelitos is still - to this day - our most popular scent ever).  Check it out:…

August 24th - I just wanted to thank everyone for all the love and support regarding our loss.  I am still having a difficult time and just trying to work my way through the grief process. I am just taking it moment by moment.

I have been unable to draw - it has proven far less carthartic than I thought it would be.  I apologize to anyone waiting on art from me, I will get back to it as soon as I am able to do so.  David and I are selling things on Ebay again.  Currently, we have some games and anime up and we may or may not add things over the next week as we sort through other offerings.  You can find me at ebay under username briannedahlin - here is my link:…

I also have a large list of new and gently used cosmetics items from all sorts of brands - Urban Decay, Stila, MAC, Bare Escentuals and lots more.  If that sort of thing interests you, please let me know and I'd be glad to direct you to my listing of items.

August 20th - We had to put down our dachshund Logan tonight.  He had been getting quite ill and at 11 years old, we did not have any other options other than to help him at least not suffer.

I have not been so sad that I can remember of.  I feel a heavy feeling in my stomach and my heart just feels sick.  He was my baby and my best friend, and my life will not be the same without him.  RIP Logan, we love you.

Despite our emotional suffering, we have to unfortunately take a realistic look at our financial issue.  As I had been posting, we needed the money.  Tonight, we spent the last of our money on Logan.  We need to make up for what we spent and so on top of taking commissions (begging for them really) I will be offering our Wii and all the games for it for sale.  We have not discussed whether it will be offered here or on Ebay.  I will post more on it when I am feeling like taking a look at it.

August 19th - Had to take the cat to the vet this week so we still need the money pretty bad.  Still taking these on, and will take on coloring jobs as well!  It's $15 for most coloring jobs, unless it has a TON of detail or more than 2 characters.

(PS I'm also deleting a lot of my old DA journals as it's just too cluttered at this point and there is no reason for it to be.  Sometime in the next month I'll also be deleting really old artwork from my gallery).

August 7th -
  Thanks for all the well wishing and support you guys!  We got lucky and were able to borrow most of the money we needed to pay off our property tax (which was earning interest every single day).  The property tax is paid, but obviously, we're now in the position of needing to make that money back (not to mention that this week our microwave broke to top it all off).  Because of that, I'm still taking on (read: need) some commissions.

I can only accept Paypal, and I do need payment in full and upfront.  

I am accepting (please note that I just am not that comfortable skill-wise with anthro stuff.  I'm always willing to try but there's no telling what the results will be lol):

Full resolution character portrait with background - $35

Full body character sketch (no background, loose lines, no color) - $11

Icon (300x300 picture and 100x100 version with simple blink animation) - $11

Mini (200x600 image with simple bg) - $22

Single character, full body with background (full resolution) - $100

If there is a type of commission you'd like to see but isn't listed here, please let me know :)

Now, I know a lot of you people out there are very generous and sweet and I appreciate that so much.  You guys have always been there for me and it's been a real blessing.  That being said, however, I would appreciate if the only money I received were for work.  I would like to earn the money I get towards this, so if you'd like to help - let me draw for you! :D

Secondly, I just genuinely want people to know that I'm not trying to be a drag here.  I'm a very lucky person who is blessed with awesome friends, an amazing husband and a life full of happiness.  Like many others though, we've hit a bit of a bad spot and we're just trying to find our way out.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and sweet during this time.  Every kind word has helped.  Love you guys!!

my paypal address is

Check out a new community all about helping out artists in need!

Sacred Kith
Mythos Mixtures
Matihao Whenua

And always, I like to leave this message:
Thank you so much guys for the constant support of my art.  Nice people like the ones who come to my gallery, are the ones keeping me here at DA and I really appreciate it.  Thank you for the favs, the comments, the watches, the random love, or any kind thought you have for me.  I will always be grateful for that.  I might not always have the time to visit everyones gallery in return, or say thank you to all the comments I recieve, but believe me, it means the world to me to have such great support from you guys!


Website:  Website is being remodeled.  No idea when I will find the time to finish it!
COMMISSIONS: not available
TRADES: not available
REQUESTS: I don't do em
KIRIBANS: I don't do these, I will NEVER do these.  

I decided to put my DA FAQ in a seperate journal - if you have a question for me, it may be answered there!

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