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Yes. One year since I left school. Half a year to go and I'm 21. 11 months since my last journal entry.

I guess life has just gotten busy and I haven't been around that much. I still have friends, the majority of whom I don't see. The ones online are the best I could ask for, and the ones I have left that I still can visit are amazing.

I've just been working mainly. A boring job, yes, but it's a job and money is good. I've felt guilty for having this job so long while my lovely Emz has been struggling to find anything.

I've kept up with writing every now and again, and art... just haven't come on DA and posted for a while. My sleeping Wedge dragon has been very appropriate for an avatar.

Kenai and Noah are going well, if not starting to hate the heat as I am. Nearly summer. It sucks. MAJORLY.

Family life is ok. Don't interact much with the males, because they don't like me and we just clash  in everything about ourselves. I get along with the females well though :) so that's a plus. It wasn't always that way so I'm just taking what I can and being happy with it.

On that note, I'm much better at just pushing darkness and sorrows away and moving on. I feel that I'm a much stronger person now for it. And I thank the people out there that help me stay strong and move on from things.

I'm getting worried about moving out soon. I've been looking at places with Catrin, and it all is starting to seem really ... real. I hate the city, and I'm going to be studying again. I'm so excited to be out on my own, but I'm worried about leaving Kenai behind. Dad hates him, and so I fear he'll be abused. Or that he'll get out, try to get that bloody damn goat, bite the idiot neighbour who decides to stop the dog attacking the goat by grabbing the dog by the neck. Then he'll be either put down or classed as a dangerous dog - since society doesn't have a "stupid person" label in the courts. As you can tell, this has been a massive problem in life thus far. With much irrational shouting at me.

But it'll be great to get away from Dad.

I'll have to get another job. Looking for this one took long enough, and I didn't even apply. They chose me both times.

I fear I've forgotten all the stuff I need to know for uni. I have to go through the application process for Uni. ERG. I don't know what to do there.

I've been keeping up with fanfictions. Red Dwarf :) But like other ones too... Sherlock, Doctor Who, MLP....yes, I'm a brony now.

I've also been writing my own story, in a blog format. Because I was bored with the traditional means of storytelling - there are so many other ways out there in this new age. I'm really into it, to be honest. It's like in my fantasy world I'm living it. I'm getting along well with my Characters. Yes, I am lonely. I spend most of my time alone. At work there isn't people that I can talk with much and be myself - they're all... well I don't get along with them really. At home ... just me. Don't really have much of a social life. Can't really chat online at work, and I'm too tired and sick of a computer by the time I get home that I don't turn it on. But honestly, I keep in much more contact with online friends than others. If I'm completely honest, it's like they're all I have with me. But it's ok. My imagination can compensate, and they are there. That's what matters.  

Better wrap it up. Summary of the year? Well much has happened, but this is all I want to say.
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Sorry it's taken me so long to comment, I've been semi avoiding dA for a while now. It's great to hear that lots of things are going good for you, I hope the moving out goes/went well. It's shame you can't take Kenai. I found moving out pretty daunting, but the freedom you get in return is worth it!