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wreck the halls

Jack and Sally look great in the Haunted Mansion costumes from Disneyland
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Daaaw! They Make A Cute Couple Don't They?

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Sally is a bit too heavy set in these drawings, but I will say it's a much better improvement. Nice job.
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Jack, Dashing as ever.
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Yes!! This is awesome!
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I was wondering why those ladies in the Jack and Sally videos on YouTube were wearing Victorian dresses. It makes sense now - it's supposed to tie in with the haunted mansion theme. (...although mind you, I don't think the outfits are particularly scary!)
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Clever way to use the Haunted Mansion Holiday mix.
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I love when they're added to the Haunted Mansion! I always wish Disney World had this.
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This is too amazing and perfect. The most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. >w<
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wreck the halls? XD
nice christmas halloween version haha
they look so fancy aah!
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What a terrific ride!!! I just love the costumes. I could see Jack and Sally fitting in just right.
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Still love your stuff:) I did have a question about your gargified Disney Princesses. I have to search your archive and see if they are in here first though because I couldn't name one of the Princesses.
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Ohh, idea... Jack & Sally as the Imortals from The Book Of Life
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I just LOVE the Haunted Mansion! And the clothes the Cast Member wear there, one of my biggest wishesis to go to Disneyland during th season Jack and Sally are there and now that they included Oswald I have a double reason to go again (last time I bought Jack and Sally plushes X3)

Love this it's beautiful. I admire your work, You're a great artist :D
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I'd like to try being a Cast Member at Disneyland. If I worked at the Haunted Mansion, I would try to act creepy, kind of like famous Cast Member, Maynard Smith!
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simply beautiful! This creative artwork is outstanding!
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BeetelJack. Seriously, costume reminds me of Beetlejuice It's the purple vest.
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i love Sally's gown <3 its so pretty 
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