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why you no hug me?

Awkward huuuuug!
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Oh my this just made my day

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I wouldn't hug her either, Johnny Depp did and we've seen what happened to him lol.
'Cos you is a psycho hell bitch, das why
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Enemy or not I need to visit after life show Voldemort this in limbo. Then ask him how creepy was she.
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Voldemort never went to hell. He's trapped in purgatory.

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R.I.P Draco's IQ he is still my favourite
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The TV tropes was right! This is funny!
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I used to find this funny... but now this is just giving me horrible Cursed Child flash backs. T_T
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Poor Bellatrix! Though it seems that Voldemort is repulsed by her. 
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Actually, I think Riddle is repulsed by hugging in general. This might just be my own opinion from watching this scene in the movies, but watch his face when he hugs Draco. His smile gets really fixed and awkward. It's as if he's thinking "The f*ck is this!?" the whole time.
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LoL, B-trix be thirsty...
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Erk! Is right. Creepy...

This picture is priceless. Seriously.
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ah ok attention hag
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And then she got pregnant and made a homesick monster. Spoilers for those reading the Cursed Child
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