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pink makes ariel cry

That dress always bothered me. Ah well, it was the 80s when they made it. :P

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Don't feel shame, phobia and bad!

You look great and pretty!

I like red hair.....your always pretty to me.Lydia

No you didn't, pink dresses are always the most beautiful

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I see you and I speak the same language!

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To be honest,I think pink goes beautiful with red! After all they are similar colors, and it's like combining the firey dominance of red along with the sweet innocence of pink. However that's my personal opinion.

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Huh... I never thought of that.
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Aaaaaah!!! A teal dress would've gone better with her red hair!! >A<
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I mean since Ariel is a mermaid and mermaids live underwater, logically speaking, she shouldn’t have hair. And she also wouldn’t have a skin tone, it would more likely be a light blue than peach. And larger eyes too. Or boobs. So logically speaking Ariel would look like Abe Saipan from Hellboy with a tail. And for the live-action remake, she should be played by Doug Jones.

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I think the dress looks alright. Maybe in a way the colors are too bright, but I think she looks alright.
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Ariel don't you think you're overreacting?
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hey is your stuff free for downloads?

Its Ok, Your beautiful No Matter what.
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I think that dress is cute, but she deffo looks better in the blue one.
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I've always preferred Ariel with a fish tail and a cute bra rather than a dress
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I'm a little disappointed with the precedent this image has set. After twelve years of making it's rounds on the internet, there are a lot of people convinced that red hair does not look good in pink now, and people are afraid to use it in design or in their own wardrobe.

But red looks stunning with pink.……

I'm sure that's not the artist's intention, but far too many people are buying into this. They're either using it as criticism for art design (obvious where they got their stance if they're in the Disney fandom) or they copy the joke in their own comics. I hope it stops. This image is one artist's opinion, not a rule.
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Agreed. I think red does look stunning with pink. Sorry if posting to a comment from months ago.
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Aww, I always liked that dress.  Though yeah, they probably could have picked a complimentary or split complementary or something instead of basically going monochromatic.
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I remember even when I first saw the movie as a kid, something about that dress rubbed me the wrong way. And I like 80s fashion most of the time.
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I prefer her blue dress with the big matching bow in her hair.
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