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hawkeye merida

I'm still high off the Avengers hype, and I'm getting more excited for Brave. 
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Hah this is amazing!!
DeadDancers's avatar
Mhm, that hair. She just needs to make trick shots while killing people with her thighs and she's better than two characters at once!
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this outfit awesome
Thegreenpainter's avatar
She looks so freakin awesome!
nah, she's better that he is!!
(good picture!)
Gabriels-OhNo's avatar
Ooh great hair! Neat concept, too. :D
Japanfan89's avatar
Now she has basically become an arrow goddess, nothing's going to even come close to touching her now as she'll shoot ya dead before you can ever get a move off.

Faved it. 
gordhanx's avatar
Badass! She looks great in that outfit. Great concept.
scorpionlover42's avatar
Very natural, and great work! Looks like you're putting together a superhero team of princesses. Perhaps the Beast could be the 'muscle' and the team's token male.
THEBanana316's avatar
Haha, that's cute. And awesome.:wow:
SilverthornRiverClan's avatar
My sister just goes: "She's in the Hunger Games..."
13thefreerunner's avatar
I thought the same too XD
VanessaMiMi's avatar
this is what i think of Merida : daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow 
SHASH4life's avatar
Don't forget katniss!!
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This awesome! love the crossover. Hawkeye and Merida are awesome
Phenometron's avatar
Merida is a brilliant archer. :)
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