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fancy meeting you

Hey, it could happen.
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A thief stole this from you!!!

Spider-Man meets Rapunzel
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This is one of my FAVORITE pieces of fan art EVER!!!! I saw it circling the internet a decade ago, fell in love with it, but for some reason, I never got around to finding the source.... until now, thanks to another's favorites. This is absolutely adorable and hilarious and I cannot thank you enough for creating something that's always brought a smile to my face 🥰🥰🥰

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If the mouse thought it could make a profit they would undoubtedly do this.

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Oh, so this is the crossover I've been noticing! :D
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Cool. Funny idea for a pic. Nice poses, too.

Rapunzel parece ter perícia em se pendurar pois consegue usar o vestido sem mostrar a calcinha, se é que usa.

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Radical, this is so cute and funny!
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This has a higher likelihood to happen now that Disney bought Marvel

Rapunzel será uma das mulheres aranhas do Spiderverse.

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Yeah but it would be funny
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Spider-Man: ..............NANI???!!!!
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also, they would be best friends <3
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<333333333333 YES
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XD Funny, even tho I'm not a big fan of Marvel
Yes. J-just yes.
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Well that's something  you don't see everyday!
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I just could not pass this by:D (Big Grin) 
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me, it's a radioactive spider.
you, this is a radioactive... shampoo?
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That's just adorable...
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