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December 25, 2011
christmas hijackers by `bri-chan

So many suggesters, I've lost count. Merry Christmas!!
Featured by TommyGK
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christmas hijackers

Just once I want to see them team up for a year, and take over Christmas together. Oh the adventures they would have. Merry Christmas everyone! :holly: :santa: :holly:
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DisneyGirlArianna's avatar

I LOVE THAT! I was literally thinking that Jack and the Grinch would be best friends!

AcridMonkry's avatar

This is lovely, Warm holiday feelings all over.overtheact

NhymnSymphony's avatar

Here's my stocking stuffer they killed the grinch and he was crowned halloween king.

Love the mash-up.

Kouraa's avatar
This is one of the greatest images on this damn site I swear
Curator85's avatar
Amazing! Love all the three characters that bring ruin to the Christmas holiday!
Colinidas's avatar

Bwahahaha, so funny!

The-Sparkly-Spycar's avatar
Haha, awesome crossover! Great job on this all around!
2006slick's avatar
 One wishes to celebrate the holiday in his own way, while the other wants to steal the holiday joy, yet they both dress up as Santa and have a dog. 
Marco-the-Scorpion's avatar
Merry Christmas to The Grinch and Jack Skellington! :D
YourClairyGodmother's avatar
Marvel: "Infinity Wars is the most ambitious crossover in history."
Me as an intellectual: "This."
joeychi's avatar
HiJACKers *snort*
BrianRandom's avatar
Wait! You forgot Scrooge! Bah humbug!
ElementShimmer's avatar
It's gonna be a bumpy ride hahaha
sirjosh9's avatar
Grinch: Lemme off, Jack! I really mean it! There'll be hell to pay!
purple-corner's avatar
I really love this c:
DecemberOwl's avatar
Hilarious 😁😂😀
S3R3ND1P17Y's avatar
The Best Crossover Ever! ❤️️
Zimbina's avatar
So awesome, love it!
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