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bass hand study

A study of a bass player's hands. 
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very amazing! i like them very much. I hope it doesn't bother you, that I use them as an inspiration to practice my hand drawings <3
This is soooo going on my own little luthier's studio wall!!!
Mikkie15's avatar
And I just happen to be one XD
CorgiFoxi's avatar
thank you for posting these hand positions, they're helpful!
ElwynDivine's avatar
Absolutely phenomenal! As a bassist I love watching others play, their hands are just so mesmerizing. You did an amazing job of capturing the art form of bass hands.
KaenBlue's avatar
they all so great! :O
Walory's avatar
NoobaNoob's avatar
absolutely beautiful. This inspires me to want to do a study as well. How do you do an art study? Like, in general. I don't mind if you don't answer my question. Anybody's answer is fine
onlythebestaremad's avatar
Argh I just can't draw hands very well at all :( You make me so jealous of your talent! Though I agree, I can see the beauty in them. I never thought it possible for hands to be beautiful, but I see what you mean.
ToonTakeOne's avatar
Nice work. It's hard to draw hands in complex positions like this, and you make it look easy.
CityOfEntropy's avatar
Yeeeaaa mon shllapan da bass
Very well done :)
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Valisma's avatar
awesome! I love them :)
RadicalRevy's avatar
love this sketch
deidaragoesboom's avatar
as a bass player this is amazing :)
Enzeru-Youkai's avatar
WOW! Amazing hands! I can barely draw hands to save my life.
(Of course, under that pressure, not everyone would succeed)
Love it! :D
Rainfelt's avatar
Always admire a person who can draw hands so wonderfully.
jeniGUNSLINGER's avatar
These are awesome! My dad is a bassist - his hands fascinate me whenever he plays. I may have to try sketching him when he practices...
PinkWasabi84's avatar
lovelove lovely hands
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Very well done... I love it! :D
cute-little-vampy's avatar
Pretty great! Also, a good help in understanding the way hands work. I'm not that good, but I loved studying my brother's hands while he was practicing with his band and also drifted to the other musicians too. I think they all have really great hands...
Ihartart123's avatar
Wow! Hands are REALLY difficult! Good work!
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