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Thunder and Frost

It just made sense.

Frost brushes from and
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It makes total sense.
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Are you saying that Elsa is adopted?

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very belated <3 <3 <3
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Well drawn. I got a great laugh from the idea!
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Why does Elsa have to be Loki?
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She couldn't be anyone else, even if she didn't have cryokinetic powers.  It's the character similarities.  Not to mention Anna is too naive and impatient to be any other hero, apart from Spiderman, but she doesn't have the capacity for one-liners that Peter Parker does.
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it should be switched
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So draw your own version
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Makes perfect sense. Great art!
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Ah- I never thought of that analogy! Well done!
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It makes perfect sense to me too xD Wonderfull!
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this is genius!
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Anna/Thor:Whatever else she may be, She is of Arrondell and Arrondell will deal with her
Merida/Hawkeye: She's frozen 63 crewmen to death in the harbour alone
Anna/Thor: ... She's adopted?
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So there enimies? This is awesome. Now we can watch them till one or the other dies. Unless Elsa kills both of them by 0 degree weather
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My too favourite things Disney and Marvel!
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This is the best little switch I have ever seen! It's too awesome.
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