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The Odinsons

Happy 10th Anniversary to the THOR movies!
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You know, I'm not super into Loki's long hair, never have. I think both brothers actually look great when their hair has been a little on the shorter side.

Also, I really like how you draw facial hair btw. Looks fluffy but not scratchy.

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After episode 3 of Loki, this seen to be abit of a coincident! I mean the whole breaking cup was a reference to Thor 1 and Loki using a dagger as a metaphor for love!

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The difference in expression 😂😂😂😂

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You can just feel their emotions leaking off of the page! I love this HAHA!

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Hahahah "Someone's going to die" "...Of fun!"

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Ahh this is so good <3 I love this artstyle!

Their expressions totally crack me up. Great work!

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I mean, yeah, that is 100% them.

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Thor likes his fancy eye patch. He now fancies himself as unto Popeye the Sailor Man Toot Toot. 😁

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The shapes are so good I love how you drew Thor! XD

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All is good with them "not"
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ALL THE CELEBRATION!!!!! party Thor you lovable dork

one cheerful one brooding...

awesome picture!!

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