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Rewrite the Stars

Patreon piece, Harley and Ivy Heart 
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the sweetest couple in the dc universe. hand to goddess

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Aww the greatest showman

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My first thought:

wHaT iF wE rEwRiTe ThE sTaRs

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This is beautiful 🖤💚
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This is genuinely stunning.

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And now I have that song stuck in my head, thank you...

No, don't go, I mean it: thank you, it's great!

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I love this couple, and I love this crossover

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This is lovely!

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This is so gorgeous! I love how you made the characters stand out from the background, it may seem like little details but it makes the whole picture look much better. And their facial expressions are so lovely 😍😍😍

"wanna go for a ride?"

awesome comic!!!!

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Now THAT'S a parody somebody's got to write!

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I understand and love this reference

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Oh HECK yes!!

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Wow - there is just SO much emotion in this. Thank you for sharing it.

Particularly love that second panel. :D

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This scene (from the movie) was absolutely beautiful. Too bad it makes absolutely no sense. Anne is a flyer in a position to be caught, but is facing the wrong way to be caught :D

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And they had lots of babies all named Harley, the boys and girls

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The greatest showman and Batman girls? Check me in ^u ^

Such a beautiful scene becoming even more adorable~

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Moulin Rouge-style?

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Wrong. It’s “The Greatest Showman”.

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