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Based on Traci Hines' cosplay -…

Happy Halloween!🎈
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Not a King fan, never have been, probably never will be, but dang. Some of the new IT stuff coming out still makes me very, very happy.

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thats exactrly what I thought when I saw this, "Is that Traci?"

Great job

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oh my god i was a girl version of pennywise for halloween

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She kinda remids me of a evil twisted Pippi Longstocking

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She’s... lovely?... jk this is great


awesome picture!!!!

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Gak this is just creeping my skin out

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I love that smile. It creeps me out D:

This style of Pennywise looks like it could be in Alice and Wonderland, which would be very interesting :p

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Great picture!!! I've always prefered the Tim Curry "It" because I found the 2020 Pennywise was not that scary, but yours is perfect!

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I disagree, as I've never liked the film IT, whether it was the Tim Curry version or the remake and the remake's sequel.

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....Okay. That's your opinion.

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I've just never liked clowns because they're so creepy.

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