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My Little Raptor

I hadn't planned to upload this one since I know dA is overrun with pony art, but I got requests for it so here it is. I refer to them as 'raptors' although I intended them to be closer to Deinonychus. But let's face it 'My Little Raptor' just sounds better. 

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Okay, found the Pinkie Pie one on Teepublic and I just had to know if the designs were on deviantART. Now that I've found them I can say: Thank you! These are so freak'n cool! I actually purchased the Pinkie one and I'm excited to try it out myself!

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Twiliraptor sparkelus
Rariraptor glamorous
Appleraptor jack
Pinkiraptor dionysus
Flutteraptor fugax
Rainbowraptor acceleratus
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This amuses me more than it should, but also, good raptor art
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I despise these sinners.
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I would live to see Celestia and Luna as T-Rex the Dinosaur Queens.
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Thats So Cute.
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Flesh eating is magic
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omg..  I can't NOT like this..
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rainbow would definately abuse that privaledge
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Hasbro in another dimension be like
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Alan Grant:  "You bred raptors?"
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Oh this is just brilliant. :D
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Not a MLP fan myself, but seeing this permutation of it made me reflexively say "Yasssssss!" XD
Love the accurate Dinosaur Anatomy while still sticking with the characters' original personalities and charm.
Although I think "My Little Deiny" could've worked to tie in your original intention and making it rhyme with Pony...
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So would it make sense to still call Twilight "Blue" or is "Purple" the only logical choice? I mean we'd lose the Military Alphabet motif....
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How about just "Twilight Sparkle"?
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B-b-b-b-but, Jurassic Park memes! Snarf, snarf....

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