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Jotun Brothers

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Inspired by the Thor "What If" comics
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I love your versions of Thor and Loki better than the comic!
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I love those 'what if' :D
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....That's more terrifying and glorious than these two already are. Someone's going to write fanfic of this, just wait. 
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Nice to see you're still active. Finally got around to re-watching Gargoyles and planning on catching up on whatever seasons I missed as a kid. I wondered if "That girl that drew gargoyles really well" was still around. And you are! And you're still drawing! Awesome! Keep up the great work. :) Edit: Oops. I meant to put this on your mainpage, my bad. Great work on this tho!!
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I'm enjoying these 'What If' issues right now.

First off I love seeing the Multiverse and any possibly brought to life.  Taking chances and new ideas and various ways many characters in the Multiverse can be shown and presented.  2nd this Vol of What Ifs being made give me a different vibe from them than the former What Ifs.

In past What Ifs the writers would make them but always have them end in a unhappy way or say how the mainstream come universe/616 was the 'better' outcome universe because of whatever reasoning.

An example of this thinking was right on a cover of a What If where it says to Peter/Spider-man "Whatever you do...Don't Save Her!"  The 'Her' being Gwen Stacy.  First off telling 616 Peter Parker not to save somebody goes against his code...and 'her' being Gwen Stacy he would do anything to save her despite any cost.  Now some (many) What Ifs takes place on world that were perfect copies (I'll call them identical twins Universes) of 616 till that one different choice or movement or chance which results in a true Alternate Multiverse Earth.
This case a Identical Twin Earth Peter Parker instead of shooting his web jumped down to catch her and broke her fall and hit the water.  Both hurt but alive with Gwen and Peter together and Gwen finding the truth that he was Spider-man.  After having a talk and stopping Osborn they get married.  Then suddernly it' revealed the goblin had a 'back up plan' and sent everdance that Peter is Spider-man to Jameson forcing Peter to go on the run while Robbie and Gwen work on clearing and improving Peter's public image.  The End.

The writers craft these What Ifs not for fun or serous telling of a independent story shown to us but how even choices that would of seen as smarter by viewers of heroes to take SOMEHOW leads to a unhappy ending in some form nd writers yelling 'see the 616 outcomes is 'supposedly' the better ending'.  Doing so often was annoying and I felt scared good ways to showcase new Earths and tales with that mental states leaking in.

However these new issues of What Ifs seem to have different outcomes.  I enjoyed the Punisher Spider-man (shockingly a happy ending shown right now for that Peter and Gwen despite that Peter willing to kill if need be which usually doesn't produce a better outcome for many Peters), Sorcerer Supreme Magik (A happy ending plus I feel better outcome for the character that could lead her to be a happier character personality wise then the 616 version), and even this one with a new Thor and Loki from the What Ifs issues being released.

The art designs and unlimited possibilities of a What If now being tapped showcasing Worlds and if enjoyed and written and art style great enough possible new Multiverse series born.  'Spider-Girl' was a 'What If' issue first in the early 90's but that issue and subject was very well made and presented characters and possibilities readers wanted more of and thus she got her own series and fanbase (not as high now due to her series being done but she's still a fan favorite for many comic spider readers and currently apart of the team of Spider-Girls (Anya, Annie Parker, and May Parker) in 'Spider-Girls').

Thus I'm enjoy moreso these vol of issue then the first vol of issues that was mand in the past.
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It looks really good I like that idea! 
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Gotta say, that ice hammer look a lot better than the metal one.
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awesome stuff! nICE :D
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I need to read these, this is amazing!
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At first I thought Loki's braid was his right arm and I was super confused LOL
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Oooh I love this! <3 :D
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Poor Jotun-Thor!  I wonder if he got made fun of for not having horns?
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ice giant siblingses!
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Ooooh I love it! They look amazing!
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the flipside!
awesome picture!
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Very nice. (I think it's one of the "What if" of this year that I want to see more of the most).
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Fantastic drawing. Kinda funny seeing Thor like this since in the actual Norse legend, he's part Jotun by his mother Joro.
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you're a really good artist
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Awesome!  I love how they're so perfectly themselves, even as they both appear Jotun rather than Aesir.  Beautiful work, and a lot of fun to contemplate!
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