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Jedi Meg

I got a commission for a Jedi Meg sketch, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to color it.
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Wow! Meg looks absolutely gorgeous and badass as a Jedi.😍😍😍😍😍

Not only does the purple lightsaber match her outfit wonderfully, it also has a very clever symbolic meaning. While I'm probably not explaining well, a purple blade means the wielder harnesses both the Light and Dark Side of the Force, which is very fitting for an antihero like Meg, torn between Herc and Hades!

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Gotta say, I love all these reimaginings of Disney Princesses as Jedi.

Your image is behind Susan Egan on the broadway cares free show right now

I love the mashup! Very fun!

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The force is strong with her 
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Nice drawing, mine will be different.
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Aeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy gal!
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she looks so badass!
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This is the most perfect crossover I've ever seen. :D
HOLA por favor haz uno de Elena of Avalor y Madellaine from The Jorobado notredame II
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Very interesting idea. I think I naturally accepted it because she was uniquely designed as it was that she could easily fit into the universe. :XD:
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LOVE this! She has a Jedi-worthy personality hahaha =P (Razz)  great work!
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The people who don't get this can't be my friend XD
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