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Harley and Brucey

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Who's a good boy? You are, yes YOU ARE.

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Aug 26, 2020, 9:28:00 AM
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It's so good keep up good work 👍

Madzymoo's avatar
Aww! This is so awsome😋✌
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aww i love harley and brucey in the birds of prey movie

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GodlyJewel's avatar

Nya!! So cute!!

BurningResurrection's avatar

not a fan of the pink and gold costume

FoxyStig's avatar

As usual. Great work with the facial elements!

ScottRocks20's avatar

Took one quick glance and said "yeah that's really good".

gordonphilbin's avatar

Cute drawing of Harley and Bruce her Hyena.


urzapw2000's avatar


awesome picture!!!

jactinglim's avatar

D'awww I didn't know the hyenas have names and I am happy with this new knowledge!

briannacherrygarcia's avatar

I also love her hyenas in the animated show, they're named Bud and Lou ❤️

Colorfulmoongato's avatar

I always LOVED seeing Harley interacting with her Hyenas <3 It was adorable!! And Bad Ass!!

Jajna's avatar

shes so good at giving her pups some well deserved love~well done!!! ^U^-

nightangel5431's avatar

Love it!!!! ❤️

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Of course she would have a Hyena!

Victor2K's avatar

Nice choice of name

briannacherrygarcia's avatar

The name of her Hyena in the Birds of Prey movie

Barricade379's avatar

I still have to see that

John-the-Enforcer's avatar

She claims she named her pet hyena there after that "hunky Mr. Wayne". :XD:

briannacherrygarcia's avatar

It's a lot of fun, I recommend it!

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