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Drawn with ebony pencil, colored pencil, and gouache on toned paper.
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Underrepresented Disney Princess.

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Saw this movie in the theaters as a kid. It scared the hell out of me and I have seen it a few times since. I have read the book series the movie is based on in junior high school. I suggest that you check it out!
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And the movie got sent to the Disney Vault. LOL And then the said vault was opened up again when Disney Plus arrived!
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At least SOMEONE still knows what the Black Cauldron is.The Black Cauldron - Eilonwy smile Icon

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At least some one remembers her!!
mantisngo2468's avatar

Daaaw! Eilonwy Looks So Cute With That Smile On Her Face!

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Eilonwy does deserve more fanarts. She mostly seems to get overlokked when it comes to the Disney princesses.

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Oh hooray! Eilonwy!
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YESSS! Extra awesome points for illustrating an obscure Disney character! :D
DakotaTheCoyote's avatar
Havent seen the movie but I LOVE the books! XD
(The movies nothing like the books tho)
(from what Ik)
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I love that movie!

(I have all the books too!)
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never heard of this princess. who is she?
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From The Black Cauldron
GalaxyCalotype's avatar
oh. never heard of that before
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Seriously one of my favorite Disney Princesses that the children at the daycare I work at know nothing about! So Cute!
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Poor neglected princess...when I become an animator, I hope to make the movie into an animated series. 

I love the lighting here:clap:
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A woefully underrated character from a woefully underrated movie.
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Very nice illustration of Eilonwy. Still don't see enough of her about.
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