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Beauty and the Beast Mural

Back in 2013 I was given the opportunity by Walt Disney Imagineering to design a mural for Shanghai Disneyland, and today that mural actually exists!  Having my work up at a Disney theme park is one of the greatest honors I could ask for. I really hope someday I can go see it in person!
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You did a fantastic job!  Congrats!
That’s so cool! I don’t understand why they couldn’t hook you up with tickets?! What an honor for you.
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That is absolutely amazing, congratualtions
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I'm surprised they didn't keep you, this looks great!
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Congrats! That is amazing :D
Congratulations! You're living the dream!
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I know that having your mural displayed at a Disney theme park is a reward in itself, but I think they should fly you there as an additional reward so that you can see your work up close! Congratulations!
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ENVY!!!!!Amazing..wish I had art skills like yours! 
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Oh my gosh that's freaking sweet lol I coudn't even imagine how that feels! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Looks absolutely fantastic!
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well done! simply amazing
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amazing! congratulations! :D
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Beautiful! It makes the interior whole... it gives it life... adds magic to reality... or maybe it doesn't add at all. It simply opens our eyes wider to see it?
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How gorgeous!!! I'm SOOO happy for you!!! You go girl!!!
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What an awesome opportunity! That is super cool! And the mural looks great.
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Absolutely beautiful! :D Congrats! You would think they would fly you out to see it :o
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That is one of the coolest things ever. Beautiful work, as always! Love the warm colors. :aww:
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Perfect! Simply Perfect! Also congrats for getting to work for Disney.
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