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June 16, 2021
Badness Level by briannacherrygarcia
Featured by DrZime
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This is basically what happened, right?
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Ry-BluePony1's avatar

the look on Loki’s face kills me XDDD

jeana1's avatar

You know, you should do another one of this "Badness" picture, and 1 of the characters is one of my least favorite Disney villain, Gaston!

I bet Gaston will have the same face as the guy, on the right, will he?

Gothicthundra's avatar

Can I just... GAH I adore it so much!!!

Down-Wriver's avatar

With moebius's personality i can see this happening

Hevimell's avatar

Biggest villain....No, biggest man ever!! :la:Good job! :D:D

LaMoonstar's avatar

and it's true! LOL

Charcaoli's avatar

This is hilarious, and it looks awesome! Keep it up.

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maxwelldemon78's avatar

Hahahahahaha.. that’s funny... I love the use of Stitch/LokI thing.. lol.. had a brain fart...

TheFifthEmperor's avatar
p0yuki's avatar

This great. Loki=Stitch

Chelia24's avatar

Pfffffbbbttttt omg 😂

Meepkitten's avatar

Grumpy Loki is best Loki.

DarthWolf20's avatar

Lilo and stitch reference

ThorinWolfson's avatar

This is hilarious!!

Even more so, since I just recently rewatched Lilo & Stitch.

This deserves all the favs!

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brongaar's avatar

Love how he has to grapple with a 'Greater Loki' while being called a 'Lesser Loki', and his ego cant handle it.

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