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After The Rose Trade

-might take a while to load..
-this happened after the rose trade in one of the bad endings D:
-that's Garry talking, not Ib xD
-first quote is from right after the rose trade, the second is from later in that same ending when Garry tells Ib that before he dies
-this was really emotional when i saw that :c i got Memories Crannies the first time though
-by the way, that's my friend's hand xD
-and of course, i added music to this on here-…

-based on the horror game, Ib
-if you haven't, play the game because it's amazing. it's free, and has an awesome storyline. it's put as a horror game, but it's not scary, just a bit creepy.
download the game here -…

-something i want to add is if you notice the red color on Garry's hand, and the blue on Ib's, it's cuz i wanted to show that Garry would always have a part of Ib in him, and Ib would always have a part of Garry in her, as if remembrance of each other. i know it sounds cheesy, but i thought of it while making this x)

-i made a lot of it myself. i don't use stock, i don't how to. i use google images xD and i edit it so much it doesn't even look like i used an image..
wilted rose- same one, except i edited it to make it look wilted
like i said, it's my friend's hand, Hayley
dialogue box-…
and of course, Ib font from-… now i have a brush with a picture of the word "Ib" on my Photoshop xD
this is my entry to #PhotoManipulatorsx3 's contest
-hopefully this will be accepted in #GarryXIb 's contest.. i just found out about it xD

-if you use my art or something, leave me the link in comments cuz i'm curious where it's at cx i know, i'm weird

-here's the very weird video xD -…

Sum linkz.
I make dem videos- YouTube
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:Gloomy: All these feels..
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My heart broke at that point. I was like 'He's lying!'
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yeah he was going against of what he said before that, "i don't wanna lie, but i don't wanna tell you the truth either." |:
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THIS IS AWESOME :iconbigeyesplz:
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That scene, was very painful and touching. I almost cryied! T-T
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i know right! and when he came out in the gallery as Sleeping Man or something, i got teary eyed :c
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If you went back after the rose scene to talk to Garry it said "Garry is Sleeping..."

What I thought: "He is not sleeping, it's all a cruel lie told by the innocence of a girl" T-T
I couldn't bear to see that scene
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oh i know right :c i got so caught up in the moment that i kept clicking on Garry hoping he'd magically "wake up".
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The Forgotten Man was the name of the painting Garry turned in to
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ah thanks. i keep getting it mixed up >.<
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Your welcome :)
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