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Cuphead Bosses Fan Piece - Final

By BrianLee88
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Coloring took a bit longer than i was expecting, but it's done i think
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he didnt make it look at the thing that says deavintart Anlee is before it wich means he took art
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If Cuphead and Mugman were wanted fugitives?
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this is so cool i love it
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Thank you, kindly!
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Is this piece for sale? I would love to use parts of it on my cuphead arcade cabinet.
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Hia, Im sorry I dont know you but Ive seen this piece before so I recognized it when I saw this;…
Your art was one of the options for this, and I dont know that you gave this seller permission to do so, so I thought i would let you know I saw it here.
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thanks for the heads up! i did not give my permission so they are getting reported. Thanks again!
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Of course! Anything to help out an artist.
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Surprise you got the mini bosses in here.
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aye, i had some extra blank space at the top that i wanted to fill in.
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So many of them! Cuphead - King Dice Jig I'M DOING JAZZ HANDS, FUCK YOU THINK I'M DOING, G? Since When Did Pearl Learn To Fly? Pouty Mama YOU DARN KIDS GET OUT OF MY PROPERTY Dinner Time Is The Bees Knees Gimmy The Wishes, Djimmi Stupid Cup! You Made Me Look Bad! *GOOSEBUMPS THEME PLAYS ON FULL BLAST* ITZ TEH DEEVUL, DURR HURR 
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Pretty Awesome stuff, I love this so much :3
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thanks for the love!
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very well done
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