Otto and Victoria Cosplay Contest!

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Cosplaycontestjournal by BrianKesinger

Following the conclusion of the recent Otto and Victoria Fan Art Contest,
I am happy to announce the next contest here on DeviantArt.
Now's your chance to break out your sewing kits and green wigs 
and show off your own Octo-Victorian aesthetic!

Entries will be judged on their outfit, styling and storytelling.
You can be creative with your favorite scene or come up with
your own concept. This is not a photographic challenge however
 any extra effort gone toward creating the final image
will be celebrated.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN.
this is an all inclusive challenge where creativity wins out.

All photo submissions must be uploaded to the OtttoandVictoriaFans group by
October 1st
(make sure to add #ottoandvictoria and #briankesinger to the keywords fields
when submitting your photo)

Honorable mention- Signed 2014 Otto and Victoria calendar
Runner up: Signed copy of my book, Walking Your Octopus
Grand prize: A one of a kind signed print of the winning cosplay artist and
a hand painted Otto.
© 2013 - 2021 BrianKesinger
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S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
Omg.. this is great :)
Silversong-Rain's avatar
working on my best friend to let me do this to her :D she went looking at green hair spray today ;)
Zumea's avatar
a contest in my element, what fun!:)
Night-S's avatar
Yay! I just finished my Victoria costume for the Salt Lake Comic Con!! I'm so excited! This is perfect!
TerriDivineChaos's avatar
I have dressed up as Victoria several times recently for the Hastings Carnival and a wedding reception. Must go through the pics :) xxx
New-Moon-Studios's avatar
Why do you do this to me?! T.T The fanart contest was while I was on vacation without use of the computer that has my art program on it. And now a cosplay contest when I have so much others to work on that I can't do this T.T
BiZria's avatar
I'm definitely doing this~
i-Anzu's avatar
uggggg. <3 breaks out green wig and steampunk clothing XD
GDupons's avatar
How to participate as a man without acting as a drag queen?
toranyan's avatar
I wish I could enter, but I'm afraid that I am slow to sow... I started my Halloween costume in January and its still not finished! But I still look forward to seeing all the entries!
snowwhiteqeen's avatar
>___> way to short deadline for know i am planning on doing an otto and victoria cosplay,
but in order to do it the way that feels perfect for me...well i just need way more time XD.

Anyway i am going to cosplay victoria around march next year. ^^
But i am pretty sad that i won't manage to  take part in the contest.

Anyway,  i am looking forward to all the other amazing cosplayers.
tonystardreamer's avatar
Oh, that bottom picture is hilarious. :XD:
jinxvelox's avatar
OH, I wish I knew how to sew.  Looking forward to seeing the entries!
endlessimpossibility's avatar
Like two weeks ago my hair was green. And there are octopi where I work. IF I WOULD'VE KNOWN SOONER I WOULD'VE DONE IT T_T
SimonJM's avatar
Ok, all I need do is grow a few more arms ... ;)
Zephyr-Aryn's avatar
You're cosplaying as otto with a plush victoria? :la:
gph-artist's avatar
That would be genius.
Zephyr-Aryn's avatar
...I want to see someone attempt that now...
SimonJM's avatar
LOL, I wish! :)
sethrielle's avatar
Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooood...!

I couldn't make it into the fanart contest because of finals but there's another chance QAQ I cannot miss it! :heart:
anonymous's avatar
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