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locomutus prime

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transmogrifiers....more then meets the monocle
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Oh my goodness! I have this piece on a t shirt, the image is just flipped!
too cool!!
amazing idea!!
awesome picture!!
archdukegeedorah's avatar
autogents wage their scuffles to eradicate the diabolical malevolence of the industricons
I'm guessing that he transforms into a train 
Fantastic, any chance of ordering a print of this?
Phoenixfirex's avatar
I say, old chap.
What a Dapper Gentlebot.
HauntedBreaker's avatar
Need a League of Extraordinary Autobots stat!
HauntedBreaker's avatar
Top hat is perfect !
Lillydwight's avatar
Trainformers: Engines in Disquise
Jay99Death's avatar
This should've have been the previous movies. Think of how much amazement it would be.
SurgeonDrD's avatar
Nice! Iocomutus looks awesome! I love his design.
M-raptor's avatar
this looks like optimus great great grandfather .......its awesome
Puella-Januaria's avatar
I think it's wonderful idea! Well done :3
amazerbeta's avatar
YAY! Great depression looking optimus!
femtransfan's avatar
He looks like one of the bad guys from Lone Ranger
bagera3005's avatar
love  to top  hat gives prime a bit of  Abraham Lincoln look
warman546's avatar
Absolutely Wicked
Enoa79's avatar
Beautiful work. Very well done. 
darthpaul99's avatar
Inspired by "Hearts of Steel" no doubt? 8-)
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