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happy octopus day

"favorite" and comment if you love octopus!!!!
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Well, I guess if you stretch it enough, the heart does look like number 8 ;)

That aside, hah, didn't expect this is a thing, like how I found out not very long ago about pi day (14 March) and what'sitcalledagain, Phy day (28 June)?
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My 2.5 year old son is obsessed with octopus.  He can tell you all about them.  Details like that they squirt ink, are squishy because they have no bones, have eight tentacles, they are mollusks, and so on.  He loves them! 
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Happy Octopus Day to you too, Brian!

I'm looking forward to "Traveling With Your Octopus" and all further adventures of Otto and Victoria! Thanks for sharing this lovable duo with us!
weeya1's avatar
DAMN IT! I just missed it!!!

I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.......
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Octopi are amazing. <3
JMK-Prime's avatar
I get it. AMAZING!
Yarelly's avatar
OMG!!! I sooooo have to watch you!! I adore octopuses and their symbolism!!! And I love the animal itself as well!!! And not to mention I was born in october haha! I love how you portray this beautiful and elegant the details and colors, it looks simple, yet eye-catching and vibrant!!! LOVE!!! Amazing work!! You have a fan!!! -___- well one more
JasmynGarden's avatar
Otto, the most likable octopus ever! :D
StrawberryBat's avatar
Eeeeeee <3 I would so LOVE to have this cutie on a shirt <3 Awesome art :3
trybalwings's avatar
I missed it! >< Love your work :)
aedifico's avatar
Heeheehee, so cute! :D
octolover900's avatar
do you know what the blue ringed octopus's venom is called? :3
Haha! I love it. XD
ClockworkValkyrie's avatar
Cute! <3 Yay Octo-love!
KiraRavenLupin's avatar
Octopi are awesome, and Otto is the best! :iconsquidplz:
Nachtetraum's avatar
Otto looks so happy c:
DeviantLilGirl's avatar
MPG, this is soon cute! I love Otto!
SAkURA-JOkER's avatar
My birthday too :) AND my married name is Takogawa, which means "octopus river" in Japanese... so octopus is like our signature character :)
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It's a shame that the octopus isn't a creature of the zodiac (Chinese). Then we could have octopus YEAR
OldSarge's avatar
Happy Octopus day!
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