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bath time with otto

unwind after a long day with your domesticated cephalopod
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AHA! So you're the one making these fantastic pieces! I've been seeing them all over but never with a direct source to the artist! I'm so pleased to have finally found you! Your pieces are absolutely remarkable!! Keep up the amazing work! :DD
OceanParadice's avatar
So adorable! Nice job!:)
CRHome's avatar
Tentacles and naked Women ...  I like your less disturbing approach to this theme ;)
Baureal's avatar
Love the expression of little octopus, so cute !!!
I would love to see this hanging on my bathroom wall! How can I get a print?!
ShiroIri's avatar
Somehow in my mind, Otto is not only a pet but her butler as well!
GirlInLavender's avatar
omg! This is super cute!! Love how Otto is covering his eyes! And the detail of how he picks up her hair is amazing to! LOVE IT! Great piece of heaven!
Thejboy88's avatar
Usually, scenes of naked women interacting with tentacled creatures doesn't end up this adorable. Thanks for making this nice change of pace.
HattersFeathers's avatar
i love this one even more!
ghaaaa <3
PopCornSalt's avatar
God I want a domesticated octopus so much. ;w;
Silversong-Rain's avatar
I love this so much that want to put this up in my bathroom as a mosaic tile fresco. would that be ok?
n000b51's avatar
Fun & smart. All details count !
fogwalker's avatar
This made me laugh out loud!
XkingpenX's avatar
Otto's bashful^///^
DerMurderFrog's avatar
girls and octopi are like peanut butter and jelly - what's not to like?
Silversong-Rain's avatar
I love this entire line but this one is just so sweet, funny, and intimate that it has to be my fave.
FallenFromGrace74's avatar
Victoria: "See Otto, this is how you take a bath like a good boy."
Otto: 'I see her toes!!!'
Kreatress's avatar
Is Otto peeking?!
TheEvilPeanut's avatar
She is very pretty.
RCihlar's avatar
Oooh yes, I definitely want a print of this to hang in the bathroom once I have my own place! What a wonderful thing I can look forward to! :heart: :heart: :heart:
skwurlilala's avatar
This is so sweet <3 devwatch!
OlgyRodz13's avatar
You are going into my devwatch, kind sir!
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
So cute that Otto is trying not to peek...or is he not trying?
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