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Otto's playroom

this piece was commissioned for a playroom for toddlers with autism.
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Why's an octopus painting a picture while he's a paddleball, building block and a stuffed bunny while rocking on a rocking seahorse?
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I love this so much! :D
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I am delighted by the hilarious and sweet theme and deeply touched by the purpose of this illustration.
Fedecomics's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww super cute ^W^
britterooski15's avatar
I am mildly autistic and You are officially my hero for making this. we met once at a con I REALLy wish you had this there
superpower-pnut's avatar
My only ish is that I keep thinking the teddy is carrying a missle launcher...
superpower-pnut's avatar
I didn't get the autism part, but he looks like he's having the time of his life!
VioletVenom94's avatar
The puzzle piece. It's the logo for Autism Speaks :)
AimeePenguins's avatar
autism speaks is hella bad
xxPencilOnPaperxx's avatar
As soon as I saw the puzzle piece, I thought "Autism Awareness?" I love this, it's so cute, as are all your Otto paintings! :D
Splash-Otter's avatar
Such a whimsical piece! I like how the blocks he is carrying spell out his name!
aRt-sPoilagE's avatar
That is such s sweet thing to do! the toddlers must have LOVED it! Such a great gift for them indeed! :D
MushroomOctopus's avatar
Otto, you've made this Aspie smile.
KiraRavenLupin's avatar
I cannot even begin to describe the amount of love I have for this picture! It speaks a lot to me, and, when I read the description, I just teared up a little! Thank you for sharing this amazing artwork! :heart: :huggle:
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That's very nice!
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Rocking seahorse, ftw.  ;)
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