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Lord Earl the Grey Dragon

Lord Earl the Grey Dragon is less concerned about laying siege to small villages or the capturing of maidens like his less civilized red and green dragon cousins. Instead he finds happiness in a nice cup of tea and the hoarding of blueberry scones rather than gold.
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He needs to meet my pet dragon Buttercup, she loves afternoon tea and scones!
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What kind of pen/inking tool do you use? Those lines are much personality.
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I bet his favorite tea is Earl Grey.
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I'm in love with this drawing!!! *w*
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I saw this picture and thought, "It would be so much fun to have a tea party with this guy" xD
ranmel's avatar
Hahaha xD he's AMAZING! Great :D
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That's Cute=^·^= Dragons Are My Favorite
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grey dragons are my favpurites now :D
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Oh dear - now I must fave this one as well...
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Hehehe this is cute :aww:
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"I would very much fancy a spot of tea, thank you. In return, I shall not set fire to your home. Oh, do you have any scones?"
I can just imagine him saying that. Love it!
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I have never seen a posh dragon until now, this is awesome!
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That is the most dapper dragon I ever did see.
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Very charming in its expression and detail. The textures don't distract from the subject, and it's such a cute idea that I can't NOT favorite it.
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I love this~!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha I see what you did there! I love his fancy-ness
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I love this! Very cool...
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Cookies, scones, tea and dragons. The best things to have on a cold day. Lovely!
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hahhaa a dragon with a moustache
i love it!
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