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Hela jones?

I loved #thorragnarok! I tried to do a quick drawing of my favorite character #hela but i think it looks more like #jessicajones 🤔#unintentionalmashup #marvel #procreateapp #fanart
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This is Great!! I love the style!
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fantastic man!  really think you catch the intensity in the characters face/eyes.
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Haven't seen Hela, but I did think: "Is that Jessica Jones?" 😄
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That stare is priceless!
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unintentional mashups are the best mashups
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That movie is 2 hours of pure fun. Hela vs. Jessica...that's definitely a verbal fight I'd like to see!
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I think Jessica Jones could actually do a good job of running a Norse Hell.
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I saw the movie and it is awesome to see you draw Hela like this. I love how you change from just ink to color and slightly different styles, its very you!
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Ain't seen the movie, but this is an awesome sketch brother!
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Love it! Haven't watched the movie yet, but this looks amazing!
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For a moment there I thought the name was a play on Alan Moore's Halo Jones =P (Razz) 
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Awesome job! The movie was great!
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It has a sort of graffiti aspect to it, nicely done!Clap 
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