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Han And Leia

the warning signs were there
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So does a psychiatrists not exist?

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Are they in Hoth with Ben Solo?
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I would actually watch this is a movie instead of the last jedi
Fire-Star-Bird's avatar
I words... :D
(Actually I do. This is hillarious! :D)
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
I think this might be my favorite of your Star Wars/Calvin and Hobbes pics. :XD: 
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ThunderstripeArt's avatar
Haha!! Best Calvin and Hobbes crossover ever!! :D
Kilo60's avatar
Truly the crossover to end crossovers. :clap: 
LaikiWolf's avatar
Calvin and Hobbes is my life!!!!
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HILARIOUS!!! Your art is really cool. :-)
madwriter's avatar
The clothes should've been a big hint. ^_^
CeaciliaSolo's avatar
XD It's what happens when your Dad has kids and he's not supposed to.
Nika-N's avatar
hehe, can't argue with that!
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This is so funny I wondered why they didn't say anything sooner or least talked to him about the dark side after that.
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
Hahahaha, nice one :XD:
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Aha, this reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes! :D
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Funny thing is...he's not entirely wrong.
Niban-Destikim's avatar
Oh God! This is pure Gold! :XD:
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