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what is your favorite cephalopod?
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Now I want to see gastropod, cephalopod, bivalves, chitons, and monoplacophora hanging out together.

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Finally! Someone has drawn a cephalopod! I’ve tried and it just looks goofy. Well done
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Soo cute!!! I do adore cuttlefish, but the squid has my heart.
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Squids are the master race
We will rule the oceans
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Oh, this is fun, the octopus has a teddy-bear; that's, brilliant, actually!
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I'm a sucker for the Japanese flying squid and the Hawaiian bobtail squid. :D 
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I actually have a squid phone charm and am getting an octopus soon
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I love cephalopods their tentacles are just so cute and sick at the same time,I'm in between squids and octopuses but my friend's favorite are cuttlefish
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Grimpoteuthis, also known as the Dumbo Octopus. So cute!
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Oh my god I looked it up and it's the weirdest adorable thing I've ever seen
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CUTTLEFISH (or as I spell it, "cuddle" fish :heart:
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Is this available as a print because I would love to order it! I think your art is amazing!
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chambered nautilus!! Beautiful job on all four!
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This is just adorable, and I must say you have a wonderful style! :love: :clap:

I must admit all these look equally epic in your picture here, although I've personally always had a major soft-spot for cuttlefish and squid. :aww:

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This is so many kinds of awesome.
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Did anyone else here cut their hot dogs to look like squids when they were a kid?
Better yet, has anyone here cut their hot dog to resemble a nautilus? That'd be impressive!
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Riot, pls stop nerfing nautilus. Thanks.
LeafyIrene's avatar mean I have to choose???? :cry:
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