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What's really inside BB8? The biggest twist of The Last Jedi!
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It was the ports the hole time 🙄
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Ruining something already bad with something worse, wow..... I'm getting Flerovium and will omit Oganesson gas into every Star Wars sequels fan's room since after all, the sequels are SJW propaganda.
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Hi my friend, I think a website might be using your design on T-shirts. I don't know if you gave them premission to as there's no watermark/logo on it in the corner. it's #26
Star Wars Porg T-Shirts! - Indie Minded
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Hi! Thank you so much for contacting me about this. This has happened before. You’re right to be suspicious. The person who uploaded it has stolen my image. We will be contacting the site. Your help is much appreciated!
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Okay my friend I'm glad I spotted it. We artist need to stick together. Keep up the amazing work my friend, I hope this gets sorted out :)
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Thanks 👍🏼😊 I hope so too.
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Suddenly, everything makes so much sense. 
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I wish this was canon!! :D
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WHEEZE Okay XD this is pretty good! It might be the only way to get me to actually sit and watch these new movies! Fantastic work!
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You should! I think they're great. Don't listen to the haters

Thanks! :)
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lol alright then! Perhaps I will! Thank you very much!
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Absolutely brilliant!! XD 
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Pretty smart.
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