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Prometheus - Engineer (SDCC 2012)

Cosplay: Engineer/The Pilot/Space Jockey/Ossian/Mala'kak

From: Prometheus

© Photograph by: Brian Lee Flores
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Canon EOS 7D
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Jul 14, 2012, 3:21:39 PM
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© 2012 - 2021 BrianFloresPhoto
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99Sebuko09's avatar
hawhawhawt! I loved the movie, there aren't many movies out there that capture my eye just because it has all this crappy CGI effects, but Prometheus has some of the best effects I have seen, it actually made me feel like I was in the movie. Poor Engineer at the end, but I think you've done such a great cosplay on him. Would never expect to see him in person lol. I really like the way you portrayed him..... Your body was perfect to do the job!
MobianMonster's avatar
Holy shit, your a big one
mr18er's avatar
I wouldn't mind one bit running into him. :3
Kukapetal's avatar
HELLO! What are YOU doing later tonight? :D

Haha, I think I remember seeing this guy in a Youtube video taken at SDCC. They were interviewing someone "from" Weyland industries or something like that, and this guy was standing behind her. Never said a word, alas. I would have much rather seen HIM be interviewed :P

I love how the people walking by in the background are all O___O
AG-sArt's avatar
Do ya have the link ? :D
Kukapetal's avatar
Here you go:


Sheesh, Clark Kent, you've really let yourself go... :P
AG-sArt's avatar
LOOOOL XD The most awkward interview I have ever seen...EVER :XD: Whatta fool he must have felt after he had seen Prometheus :XD:
Kukapetal's avatar
"Clark Kent": *asks awkward question*

Woman: "I can't answer that."

"Clark Kent": *Asks another awkward question.*

Woman: "I can't answer that."

"Clark Kent": *Asks yet another awkward question*

Woman: "I can't answer that. Watch the movie."

Engineer: "........"

Yeah, thanks guys. That was truly enlightening :P

I'd say I want my click back, but at least there was eye-candy. For BOTH sexes :P
AG-sArt's avatar
Oh, btw did ya see the newest pics of this guy? They added some more prosthetic for hos forehead as well :XD: It looked kinda...weird :XD
AG-sArt's avatar
Wooops I meant :XD:* at the end :P :lol:
AG-sArt's avatar
Oooh yesssss :iconpervplz:

I mean I could not oversee the smexyness's expression over what that so-called Clark Kent said. :lol: :XD: At least the woman did a good job of answering his stoopid questions :XD:
IncyVortex's avatar
awesome cosplay!
DasTierLockjaw's avatar
o.o oh... fcjufhvufg, the things I miss not being able to go to cons!!! T-T

Amazing cosplay as well <3
MeliHitchcock's avatar
I thought the same as Zabani. Must have been tough to go through that convention without getting the white rubbed off. Very awesome though! :D
AG-sArt's avatar
Especially if I would have met this guy :D :lol: I would go like :glomp:
Isadorabelle's avatar
I totally agree. there wouldn't be...


Isadorabelle's avatar
The first time I saw the movie I was stunned by the visual effects but little else. As I watch it more though I've come to appreciate the plot as well.

And well, the Engineer too. Always the Engineer haha.
AG-sArt's avatar
Yay <3 Engineer <3 :love: I had the same thing with the movie with the exception of some of these awful scientist lol.
Isadorabelle's avatar
lol haha, not a fan of the scientists huh? What did you think of David 8?

I thought he was brilliant. Is it sad/creepy/wrong that I get :love: over Michael Fassbender more as an android or fallen angel than I do over the real man or other roles? Possibly.

Between him and the Engineer, I'm just :o
AG-sArt's avatar
David 8 was the only character that was well written although his actions was done by a vague cause, like when he put a small drop of black goo inside Holloway lol.

Overall I think Engineers was the best part XD
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wasdgamer's avatar
OMG thats so cool D: :faint:
AG-sArt's avatar
:blush: I wonder how this guy got all the makeup put together without it smudged to shit? O.o Great shot on this guy:)
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