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The Joker

I like the smile!!
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Why so serious??? :D
TheJokerha's avatar
I LOVE this one!
faisal2535's avatar
me 2, nice work
Sydpart2's avatar
The eyes remind me of the Arkham Asylum version
WryGrin's avatar
Well... He's a happy fellow... I have to change my shorts... but he's a happy fellow... 0.o

Really great work! Keep it up!
azridjokoloro's avatar
awesome! i love it!
IoanCuza's avatar
that is what i call a beautifull smile.
Yumikun's avatar
whyy soo seriouss?!?!? xDD w00tage dude..major w00tage!
dodingdaga's avatar
ayos 2 pwede sa damit
DoktorBock's avatar
Love your work Sid
Adastra14's avatar
he's either very angry or very happy..cant tell :D
love it!
BrattyBen's avatar
This is great. Very Dave Mckean.
generationm's avatar
he looks insane :clap:
i love the shadows the ejes he looks crazier than he is
newbie420's avatar
suhweeeeet!!! definately shows jokers psycho side, i can see him coming out of a dark corner of his cell at arkham with this expression. KUDOS!
11herbs's avatar
Amazing. I love it.

Exactly as the Joker should be — crazy as hell!

I'm a fan of the Joker too and did a couple of vector pieces on him. Have a peek in my gallery :)
oOTouchstoneOo's avatar
Acid trip!!! Wish i had his complexion. Bwahahaha...
oOTouchstoneOo's avatar
Love the eyes, looks a more likely version of what would happen to you if you fell *coughpushedcough* into a vat of acid/ chemicals. What did he fall into anyway?
BrianFajardo's avatar
Gee tnx! I do think the acid has laughing potion in it hehehe, but falling on an acid will kill you and not make you laugh whahah.
infernorena's avatar
Freaky cool joker
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