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St. Martin's - Bone Room 10

This is a picture from the "Bone Room" at St. Martin's Church, in Greding Germany.

The Basilica of St. Martin:

This predominantly 12-Century church stands on a hill overlooking the town and is a conspicuous local landmark. St Martins is the largest Romanesque basilica in the former diocese of Eichstätt. It was consecrated by Bishop Otto (1182 - 1196). The late gothic altar dates from 1480 and is flanked by rococo figures of the Virgin Mary and St John from around 1780. The apse ceiling is painted with images of Christ enthroned and symbols of the Evangelists, and the 15th-century nave frescoes depict St Martin astride a horse, dividing his cloak with a sword for a beggar. The church also contains a number of early renaissance paintings and sculptures.

To the left of St Martin's Church in the cellar of the former Michael's Chapel, dating from the early 12th century, is a so-called Charnel House. This was first used in the 14th century to store the bones of the dead as the graveyard itself became too full. The bones of about 2500 corpses can be seen behind an iron grille.

For more info on the town click here: [link]

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I do love how you captured the dust and cobwebs and the decayed tissue (or whatever it is in there). It's a great shot--cool angle and everything.
BrianABernhard's avatar
Very cool, thank you. I must confess, when the subject matter has such rich history its almost hard not to make a pretty cool photo.
Timekeeper101's avatar
Know the feeling. I just wish I had a camera each time I was at a historical place...
BrianABernhard's avatar
Just keep a camera with you EVERYWHERE you go.
AngelFetus's avatar
perfect detail.. great!
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