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Jersey Rainbow

What? I know, you are in shock. But you know what, maybe I know now where the pot of gold is!

I was working on my friends movie shoot, and we started to get a little misty drizzle, everyone was thinking, "Crap, we gonna' get rained out!", but no, we looked up and there was a huge rainbow reaching out of this bazaar nightmarish silo and stretching clear across the sky.

No photoshopping here people, this is the real thing!

For more information about the movie I was working on please subscribe to my mailing list [link] check out the Blight Blog [link] or check out my friends at Biff Juggernaut Productions [link]
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if im not mistaken...looks like you captured a double rainbow...
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Yeah, there is one very strong picture perfect one in the center and I think there is another very light ghost like one to the left. Is that what you see, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
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thats exactly what i see!
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Groovy. So at least I am not crazy.
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