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Attack on TiTan

Attack on TiTan
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ignoring the vulgarity of the comment section....this is fantastic. the effect of the broken blade segments falling around her like shell casings is amazing...and from this angle she seems to tower over her quarry despite them being titans. She is not in danger here, they are. I love it

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Always gotta pervert our most favourite characters.

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everyone in the comments are talking about her ass, unlike me, I really like the pose, the colors and the perspectives!
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Anyone else looked at this pic and thought: I bet most people came for that butt."

(i honestly did not new that was there)
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who needs swords to kill the titans when you can just crush them between your asscheeks

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The amount of details is crazy, amazing work!!
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Damn, Mikasa is about the kick ‘ass’! Get it lol I’m done.
Sorry..........That booty tho.
And again, sorry....... You really went into ultra graphic detail by drawing as  far as that tiny little ravine under her booty, is she not wearing underwear?
Also, very nice pic. Finally a picture of this dark world that use bright and cheerful color, really bring up the feeling of hope.
Dat ass :´D Nice pic!
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Wow... this is actually really cool and unique. It's ironic to use bright and beautiful colors in such a dark and gritty world, either way keep up the great work. I love this series so much I might just collect for it but since there are so many attack on titan figures out there I don't know where to start, anyways, after some digging I found a giant list. Could you tell me which one you guys would buy first but I won't be getting the Colossal titan since that's more on the expensive side but the others are fine :)
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Dem Mikasa booty tho 
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Hello! I'm admin of a small Instagram account and I'd like to ask if I could repost this on the account~ Of course, we'll credit you if so! (The account is @multi.fxndom.things) :3
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When you see dat booty tho

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Dat Booty Awesome maybe i'll join survey corps
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omg I love it sooooo much. you are an amazing artist.
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dat ass doh.... Sorry I had to, but this is really good!!
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Sweet ass though
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