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Made with pencils and microns on A3 paper and coloured digitally.

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I can really see the Dutch in you. This is clearly of the colour and style that made their (your) cartography famous. Brilliant details.

I don't want "critique" to be "all the bad things", and I know almost nothing of techniques, so I'll try to make it "what concepts seem dubious", and try to reason them.

The castle road (that is visible) is probably horrible for troop mobilisation, so the lords would probably make it less winding. A defensible position is okay, but getting yourself stuck in a siege or getting slowly to a battle isn't desirable.

The architectural styles seem to be from around the same eras, which is a nice consistency. I would've wanted to see more variation in the houses since they get kinda monotonous, but you probably know this.

The heraldry is another nice and elegant detail, although the Yorkshire Rose is a bit too obvious to my eye, also kind of the German eagle, but granted, it's been around for a longer time.

The river might look nicer with a bit of shading, like those concentric lines propagating from shorelines (I don't know what they're called).

The roads and street layout is very good, not too wavy to be showy or very random, but the main roads are clear and realistic from human use. Probably a bit higher and denser housing could exist between the main streets and junctions. The main square is maybe a bit too large and empty on such a desirable real estate, but not overly so.

One could probably write tons of more of all the different details, but I think I'll stop now lest for sounding preachy. I really love the map and I do hope you continue doing more of this art <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>