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Small village map

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This is a map I drew of a village I intend to use for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. It isn't entirely done yet, since I'll only fill in names and labels and what not as soon as it's used in play.
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Woop! Looks nice ! :3
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Anke-AGHobbyist General Artist
I love it! I kind of used your drawing style (like the way you define your trees and walking paths) for the village in my book. Never done that before, so it was a great help. Not yet finished tho. What kind fine liner (it's called like that in my language, don't know if it's the right word) thickness did you use? 
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I'm not sure what sizes I used, it's a long time ago. I'm guessing a 01 and 03 micron pen. But it's really not that important; just try some sizes and see which work best for you :)
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Anke-AGHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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senior80Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice!
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I really like this one. The pen work is wonderful - great line thickness choices. :)
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Fallen-ImmortalHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love this! My one and only village map wasn't nearly this pretty and detailed. I might borrow a page out of your book to fix it up.
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Thanks :D
And have fun! Judging by your gallery, you'll have no trouble making something pretty :)
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DnaliwHobbyist Traditional Artist
all hand drawn? very nice!
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LukcProfessional Traditional Artist
Oh my, that's a lovely little village! :) I like very much!
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Thanks Lukc ^^
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WorldBuildingProfessional Writer
Your line word is impecable! And the shading really makes the map feel 3D.

I'm in the process of designing a city myself so its great to see what other cartographers have drawn and designed to use as inspiration.

I need to get my head around the scale of the map. The city population is around 60,000 people so I figure its goind to be about a mile square or so. However I have a few key "districts" for want of a better word so I'm drawing them first and building the city out from there.

How do you usually go about designing a village or city?
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Hi! Sorry for replying so late. I've been terribly busy.

I always refer people to the Cartographer's Guild if they ask about drawing maps. [link] The tutorial section on the forum has a lot of great walkthroughs in many different styles and also quite a few basic tuts on photoshop and other drawing programs. It's well worth a visit. A lot of the contributors are (semi-)professionals and really know their stuff and quite willing to share it :)
They also have a group here on DeviantArt, by the way.

That said, I always start out with some idea of the surrounding country. Where other cities are, roads leading to/from them. Are there rivers, mountains or hills. That sort of stuff. Then I make a few sketches of the place I want to draw. I pretty much always start with a small village, unless the city has been planned and built in one go. It's usually a matter of connecting a few roads and putting some small houses around the crossroads. If you look at this map, you can see three main roads (the wider ones) that connect in the middle. I then drew a smaller road on the south-east side to connect the two wider ones. The triangle that you get then in the middle, is where I usually put some sort of village square. Here it's a grassy field and an inn. From there I start expanding and trying to decide what would be a logical place to erect more buildings. It also helps to have a list of important buildings/features you want to have in your city when it's fully grown. The sketches sort of follow a timeline through the towns history. These, do'n have to be very detailed. Often just the lay-out of the roads and the important buildings will do.

When I'm happy, I draw the map with pencils, very lightly and go over them with micron pens. If I decide to colour it, and want to add labels and text, I scan the drawing and fire up photoshop.
As for photoshop, I can't really tell you what I do. I don't have a lot of experience with it and use it so rarely that I need to relearn loads of techniques every time I use it. Again, I really recommend visiting the Cartographer's Guild.

I hope this helps. Good luck drawing, have fun!

And thanks for the comment and faves. I appreciate it :)
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The link disappeared: [link]
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LosrandirProfessional Writer
Awesome work, man!
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It is a very nice map btw
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Thanks :)
And yeah, there are lots of places with more maps. Check out [link]
and [link]
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Anyone else have maps online? I stumbled across this one on Google. Can never have too many. Thank you.
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Great stuff! I am actually leading a D&D Group and I also spend a lot time in creating detailed villages - love this one!
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Will you post those maps here? :D
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Wow, this is wonderful work! I don't play D&D, but I can definitely imagine this in a mmorpg.
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Thank you ^___^
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