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Cloaked Inquisitor (Star Wars Rebels Fan Art)

The Imperial Inquisitor wearing a cloak fan concept art.
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© 2014 - 2021 Brian-Snook
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Awesome take on him!
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Awesomesauce!  I am a huge Inquisitor fan and it would be cool if did wear something like that.
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Awesome job!  Sithsational!
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Looking at the Jedi desings in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, my guess is that Dave Filoni hates Cloaks.
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Clone Wars always had some kind of cloaks or capes right from the start.  Rebels on the other hand has not had even a hint of any fabric that actually is not skin tight. I guess it is just not in the budget sadly.
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Now that you say're actually right...

Even in the Clone Wars, while Mace Windu or Kit Fisto were never seen in their Jedi Cloaks, General Grievous and Count Dooku wore capes. explains Luminara Unduli's sudden change in clothing.
Luminara WAS a prisoner
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May she rest in peace.
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A true mark of a dark sider, shoulder pads, cloaks are no exception to the rule!
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He looks really cool in this cape. I like it.
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I fixed and tweaked a couple things that were bothering me.
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Thank you Lord.
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