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Phoenix - Custom Breyer Appaloosa Stablemate by lupagreenwolf
Breyer Custom - Silver Bay Saddlebred by PeaBlueJr
Happy As A Lark by Foreigner227
Happy As A Lark 2 by Foreigner227
Contest Entries
Jpgshameless.jpg by flyingwranch
Color the Sky Red - Contest Entry by tikimurryareg
Unreachable by tikimurryareg
Contest Entry by PeterStoneandBreyer
Breyer Model Horses
Tabitha - Custom Breyer Stablemate TB Mare by lupagreenwolf
Sojourn - Custom Breyer Mural Horse by lupagreenwolf
Sunrise - Custom Breyer FAM by lupagreenwolf
Molly - Custom Breyer Paint Horse by lupagreenwolf
Breyer Models for Show
Breyer Custom Longhorn - Killjoy - Final by Megido23
Custom Brighty 4 by Megido23
Roan Draft WIP by Megido23
Custom Brighty 3 by Megido23
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Breyer Dragonhorse Bouncer WIP by Megido23
Dragon horse foal color by Megido23
Blackheart by ElkStarRanchArtwork
Pearl and Red by ElkStarRanchArtwork
Private and Open DA Breeds
Javen Veil Breyer by MeggzezArt
Typhoon, custom Breyer by TheStageWarrior
Breyer Solven by kkrex
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Custom Breyer Bull by Megido23
Bi-merle Sheltie Custom by Megido23
Custom Breyer Parti Poodle by Megido23
Custom Breyer Pitbull by Megido23
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copperfox connemara by crazykittystudios
Up for a run by crazykittystudios
Other Breyer Items for Show
Stablemate Historical or Baroque Tack (1:32) III by PegasusCreations
Stablemate Historical or Baroque Tack (1:32) II by PegasusCreations
Rider Doll Custom by Hoshi-Gaki
Spanish tack by Puffinfire
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My dream horse by Avalon-Angel
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Dragonhorses WIP - Scaling finished by Megido23
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Breyer for sale by Megido23
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Joyenne - Custom Breyer Unicorn by lupagreenwolf
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Micro Mini Pegasus by ElkStarRanchArtwork
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Early tack attempts by Megido23
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WIP Bowing Horse by Lesh4537
How to Custom Your Breyer.
Sand down inperfection.... by kkrex


CM bowing Frisian stallion by Lesh4537 CM bowing Frisian stallion :iconlesh4537:Lesh4537 15 14


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First off, I want to thank every one for entering the contest. I was amazed by how many entries there were. It was a very hard decision, but now I would like to announce the winners of the Contest.

1. Scarlet 1st place

2. Special Occasion 2nd

3. Ruffian 3rd

Winners please note me your address so that I can mail you your prize.

There is going to be another contest in a couple of weeks check back for further details.
Competition is Now open!

.You can only enter one Breyer

.Please submit your Breyer into the Competition Section.

.There must be at least be 5 pictures showing both sides, underneath, on top and front view of your Breyer so it can be judged on flaws.  Also one beautiful picture of your show Breyer.

.There must be a description of your Breyer telling us breed, name, gender and a little history behind him/ her. You will be judged on this.

.Rule three changed. Sculpted Breyers are allowed, they must be a horse though, as much as I love them, no mystical creatures in this competition

.Yes you can put tack on your Breyer.

.Your Breyer will be judged on how flawless it is, breed and your final photo along with the description of the horse.

.No other model horses at this time just Breyers.

.All size Breyers allowed in this competition.





No more Judges needed.

Remember this is for every one to have fun. Competition is not limited to the people only in this site. Feel free to invite our fellow groups, your friends or a group on Facebook.

All Breyers and pictures must be entered by January 3rd. The winners will be picked that day. And the prizes will be mailed off to the winners.

The Prizes
. 1st place a traditional Breyer- Lusitano

.2nd place a classic Breyer- Colorful Foals

.3rd place a stablemates Breyer-Mystery Foal Surprise

These all are brand new in there box and have not been opened.

Pictures of the prizes are up in Featured. Have any questions or comcerns feel free to note me.
God Bless.
So the competition is going to be a photo breed competition. There will be a first second and third place winner. The first prize will be a traditional Breyer second will be a Stablemate pack and third will be Breyer tack.
Here are the rules.

.You can only enter one Breyer

.There must be at least be 5 pictures showing both sides, underneath, on top and front view of your Breyer so it can be judged on flaws or no flaws. Also one beautiful picture of your Breyer doing what he/she does daily.

.There must be a description of your Breyer telling us breed, name, gender and a little history behind him/ her.

.No sculpted Breyers at this point it can be repainted, but no sculpts. Size of the Breyer does not matter.

.Yes you can put tack on your Breyer.

.Your Breyer will be judged on how flawless it is, breed and your final photo.

You can invite other people from other model horse groups, this competition is not limited to just the people in this group. The Competition will end on January 1st. I hope that gives you plenty of time.
Any Questions, Ideas or any thing else please leave a comment and or send me a note thanks :)
So I have been wanting to hold a competition, but  I would like to hear what you guys think which competition you would have the most fun doing.
Here is a list of types of competitions that we can hold for next month. Please pick one.

. Photo competition, of one of your Breyers representing fall.

. A customization competition , maybe customizing a Breyer into a unicorn?

.  The most Original Idea for a customize Breyer. In other words, a drawing of a equine character that you think would be great to turn a Breyer into, along with a picture of the Breyer you would use to customize.

. A  Breyer horse showing competition. You pick one Breyer that would be great for the show ring.

These are the ideas I have for a competition. Please pick one and comment below. I will give you guys 2 weeks to choose.

The first place reward will be a brand new Breyer in the box!
Now do you guys prefer Stablemates, a family of classic Breyers or one traditional for the first prize? Let me know you guys have 2 weeks to choose.
Any questions go ahead and comment below or send me a note.
Thank you.
Hi all! Vicky here :la:

I know that the group isn't super active, but i'm wanting to change that soon since our founder has poofed D8

Im sure that Rex won't mind at all x3

So I had an idea today for a contest! :la:

Halloween is in the air, and it's time to celebrate with our favorite frights!

The ghosts and goblins are restless, the skeletons are rattling their bones, and the undead are out to play!

this is a custom fun time, as well as our glow- in- the dark fright friends time to shine!!!

I don't have many prizes, so ANY donations will help!!

Prizes will be givin, not sure what just yet, but anything really!

BOTH customs and already done Halloween models are allowed, wither they're Breyer, Peter Stone, anything!!!
Please note, if a custom is put in, then it MUST be from this year!!!

any ideas please comment below! i'll possibly start going through folders and making them more organized :u

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LenoreTenebrae Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Student Photographer
I have all of these Breyers I want to sell. All are in good condition, but I simply don't have any room for them anymore. Note me if you're interested, and I will post pictures.

- Rejoice (Madison Avenue)
- Huckleberry Bey
- Strapless
- Zippo Pine Bar (Impress Me Shannon)
- Cantering Welsh Pony

- American Quarter Horse Foal
- American Quarter Horse Stallion
- Charging Mesteno
- Fighting Mesteno
- Man O' War

- American Saddlebred
- Andalusian
- Appaloosa
- Thoroughbred
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HaliteAnn Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello all!!

I'm in a bit of a pickle with one of my customs, and would like some peer advice!
I'm having quite the bit of trouble with one of my dappled WIPs. I added the dapples several layers ago (I use pastel dust), and they don't seem to be fading at all. They'll fade slightly when I add the pastel, but as soon as I spray it with my matte for the next layer, the dapples re-emerge as bright and sharp as ever, as if I just painted them on!! I've never had this problem before--all my other dappled customs have blended together quite nicely, so I'm not sure what's going on!
Has anyone else experienced this, or might anyone have a little tip to help me out here?
Thanks so much!

kkrex Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you try using a lighter color besides white like a really light gray or something, a little closer to the color you are using but lighter so maybe it wont stand out so much and will blend more did you let the mat finish dry? I some times use a very watered down acrylic not just pastels. or a blend between the two like a past.
HaliteAnn Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, I actually discovered that I think it was just the pastels themselves. For some reason, even though they're the same brand, the colors just seem to be made a lot weaker and wispier than the greyscale.
He ended up with some pretty obvious spots, but since he's a unicorn it's okay. He doesn't have to be all that natural! XD
kkrex Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
well at least it came out good :)
HaliteAnn Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey all. I've done a full set of glossy Elemental Breyer Unicorns, which I believe are all or mostly posted in this group! Now that they're all done and posted, I've listed them as a set on eBay if anyone's interested in all 9 of them! :nod:
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