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February 14, 2011
Core Mundi by =wrinkledlight
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Suggested by mintyy
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Core Mundi

This is a screen from an isometric game that is being developed. I did all the modeling, texturing and lighting. Used Maya 2011 and V-Ray.

You can see my 3D process here

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BrettStebbins's avatar
You can see my 3D process here
SethPacheco's avatar
This is by far the best low poly landscape I have scene in a long time! I love it. 
altermind's avatar
I'd love to see some of your setups!
flamefox777's avatar
Very interesting and mysterious. Cool. Looks almost like a photo of a physical location!
heavynevers's avatar
makes me want to get into that bar over there! kkkkkk you are a truly talented men!
The-Architetcer's avatar
cool animation whats the game called???
ShottyMonster's avatar
that is very cool. The lighting is pro, the left and top sides of the image seem to feel a lot more coherant whereas the bottom right feels a bit generic and empty. Also the turbine in the pit at the top doesnt make sense, I assume the lava below would set it on fire
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Thanks for your comments! It is good to know how others see my work :)
amazing, this actually reminds me of one of the church levels in gauntlet ^_^
Poetic-Dragon's avatar
Looks so much like Diablo, with the whole mood of the scene :drool: now I have to go find Diablo 1 or 2 and reinstall onto my laptop!

Absolutely gorgeous!
BrettStebbins's avatar
I have only played Diable 1. Maybe I should play 2 :)
Poetic-Dragon's avatar
I have played the first alot and finished it thru several times. I know where it is, but am currently a bit lazy to dig it out. My #2 I have played a bit but had to uninstall it a couple yrs ago while redoing my computer. Have not been able to find the installation disks again though :( I think an ex housemate might have "borrowed" it
enosphere's avatar
I recognize some cgtextures :) I do the same lol
stayinwonderland's avatar
Cool. So is this a still render that sprites are laid over?
BrettStebbins's avatar
That was the original intent. I believe they changed technologies and are doing something different.
ManuelMartin's avatar
reminds me of tristan
BrettStebbins's avatar
NeuronalOverload's avatar
nice. makes me wanna get back to playing Diablo II
Poetic-Dragon's avatar
my exact thoughts! Time to reinstall Diablo2 on computer!
BrettStebbins's avatar
Thanks! It is one of my favorite styles to create :)
NarcoVampira's avatar
Excuse me, but, may I use tis for a homework at school? I swear It;s not for a commercial use or to expose as mine. It's to give examples of "isometric perspective"
thank you
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