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Windows XP Version 19.914

By BrettBits
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A neat little "simulation" of the Windows XP OS. Pokes fun at all of the things that make XP unique.
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what was the one similar that had earrape
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lol stupid mouse
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I play that game,
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I am sad stop clicking me!
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With that giant cursor.
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WTF VIRUSLAND@EMAIL.COM?!?!?Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes 
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This soo awesomeee!!! XDDD
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aol is running!Shock Emote 
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Haha! This is funny!
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funny gets me insane
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This is awesome!
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Might as well rename this DeviantArt to : BabyFoop13's computer!
No but seriously, this is an exact replica of my computer, almost, thank god I have windows7!
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I love the AOL Free Trial Icon it's so funny
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your interface makes mine look bad...

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Seriously. This Is My Computer XD It Decides If It Wants To Turn On, Or Let Me Change Things, Or Save Settings. ¬.¬ It Does It To Annoy Me..
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ahahahah love it!!!
especialy when u shut it down


SHuting Down That Thing That Goes tick Tick Tick Really Fast ahahah lmo :)))
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