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As a big thank you and a celebration of Volume 2 coming soon I am happy to bring you my out of print sketchbook of observational studies and character designs from 2010. This is 100 pages full of designs and studies from people around the world. I use 3 different methods when observing and studying. 1. Look, draw, look, draw. The act of looking quickly then looking down back and forth until I find what I want to say about the subject. Direct observation. 2. Looooooook Draw. This is when someone has caught my eye and I have but 30 seconds to remember as much as I can about them and then draw them. Prioritizing Design and observations. 3. Look and wait. This method is for when it’s the perfect time to snipe. Pick your subject and remember everything you can like the attitude, clothing, texture, style, face. Then just go about your day. When you get home, think back and draw all that you can retain from earlier that day. Long term memory observation. That’s it. Pay whatever you feel like. All I ask is you tweet, facebook, email, or yell this out to the world and the internet. Thanks again for joining me here and on the web! thanks to you! Have at it, get out there and draw!!! Cheers, Bean

PAY WHAT YOU WANT! That’s right. ; As a celebration of the digital store, pay your price for book: No Whip!

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That's right.  I'll be representing the US in an all star line up for Illustrators Deathmatch in Mexico next weekend!

Illustrators Deathmatch!


I have the honor of being invited and sharing the stage in Queretaro City at Illustrators deathmatch 2014

They have a list of great talent coming:


and then there’s lil ol me amongst these amazing artists.  I am stoked and excited to visit a new venue, meet new friends, see old friends, and do a live demo and speak about art!

If you happen to be in Mexico, stop on by!

I am excited for this one!

Now to brush up on my Spanish and stock up on bottled water….

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It's that time of year again.  Time to get some time together for 5 sweaty crazy insane days!
Join me at Booth F-08 in the exhibitor section at this years Convention in San Diego.

I will be open for commissions, I will have a new commission Creature Creation Station where you get to help decide what creature I make for you. 

New jewelry
New art prints
the new graphic Novel Spaced Out!
Art of books
original art!

Stop on by and say hello.

Support the artists, writers, and creators.  Fight your way past the conglomerates, the dinging game machines, and the TV studios telling you to watch zombies.  Find the people and folks who actually do the work!!!  Artist Alley, small Press, Exhibitors, and web comic folk. 

Comic Con is vastly changing but we all rely on your support of us as creators.  Without all of them, there would literally be no Comic Con, any art, stories you love, or designs you have on shirts!

See you there.

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Hey all,  today from 2-9 pm in Torrance CA I'll be having a book signing at Stuart No Books!  Stop on by or pre orderthe book and your get it signed and drawn in!  Click on the link for the newsletter and then head over to to order the 114 page graphic novel for only 25 bucks.  That's a deal.  All drawn, created, and written by me.…
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Yarp, another time of year where the smells ripen, the foot stomps grow louder, and the screaming fans of everyone who now joins the Joss Whedon band wagon appear as if they've been their since Buffy and through the darkest days of Alien resurrection. 

Join me for another round of festivities at the San Diego Comic Con!  Booth F-08.  Originals, 2 new books, art prints, steampunk jewelry and more!

The exhibitor tables!
This year at Comic Con! booth F-08 by Brett2DBean

Stop on by!  I'll also have prints at Tr!ckster as well if you are around them their parts....

cya at the con!  Don't forget to shower every day! ;)
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