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It's that time of year again.  Time to get some time together for 5 sweaty crazy insane days!
Join me at Booth F-08 in the exhibitor section at this years Convention in San Diego.

I will be open for commissions, I will have a new commission Creature Creation Station where you get to help decide what creature I make for you. 

New jewelry
New art prints
the new graphic Novel Spaced Out!
Art of books
original art!

Stop on by and say hello.

Support the artists, writers, and creators.  Fight your way past the conglomerates, the dinging game machines, and the TV studios telling you to watch zombies.  Find the people and folks who actually do the work!!!  Artist Alley, small Press, Exhibitors, and web comic folk. 

Comic Con is vastly changing but we all rely on your support of us as creators.  Without all of them, there would literally be no Comic Con, any art, stories you love, or designs you have on shirts!

See you there.


Hey all,  today from 2-9 pm in Torrance CA I'll be having a book signing at Stuart No Books!  Stop on by or pre orderthe book and your get it signed and drawn in!  Click on the link for the newsletter and then head over to to order the 114 page graphic novel for only 25 bucks.  That's a deal.  All drawn, created, and written by me.…
Yarp, another time of year where the smells ripen, the foot stomps grow louder, and the screaming fans of everyone who now joins the Joss Whedon band wagon appear as if they've been their since Buffy and through the darkest days of Alien resurrection. 

Join me for another round of festivities at the San Diego Comic Con!  Booth F-08.  Originals, 2 new books, art prints, steampunk jewelry and more!

The exhibitor tables!
This year at Comic Con! booth F-08 by Brett2DBean

Stop on by!  I'll also have prints at Tr!ckster as well if you are around them their parts....

cya at the con!  Don't forget to shower every day! ;)
As I prepare for Comic Con, I'll be at Booth F-08 with originals, art prints, steam punk jewelry, and art books.  I will also be jumping up and down with glee because the kickstarter got funded.  We still have 61 hours to go if anyone wants to join in, but it's a go and I'll be able to get the book out into the world.  Super excited.  SO happy.  So head on over to the kickstarter
  Spaced Out! The Story of Fil and Mantis by Brett2DBean…

And find me at Comic Con!
A new art print.
Chillaxin by Brett2DBean

More images of originals and jewelry can be found on the blog

Til then.

Hey all you artists.  As a special promotion to help out my kickstarter, I have made a few free videos to see how I am making the art for it.
Free, that's right, free.  All I ask, IF...IF you like it, my art, my videos or the kickstarter idea, please share it to the artists you know.  Facebook, tweet, yell out your window.  Whatever it takes to help me get the word out.  I try to make art and share as much as I can with the world and the videos take a bit of work to do.  We are at 75% funded and there is still time to join us in making this universe a reality.  Hopefully you'll learn some stuff, giggle at the comic, and it brings your day a little bit of happiness. 

Ug by Brett2DBean
Null- the Bounty Hunter video tutorial

Null -the bounty hunter free painting tutorial vid by Brett2DBean
Ug- the Bounty Hunter video tutorial

Spaced Out! The Story of Fil and Mantis by Brett2DBean
The Kickstarter

I also got to do an interview with Chris Oatley.  We talk about the animation industry, art in general, life, pursuit of happiness and some key points like:

Interview With Character Designer Brett "2D Bean" :: ArtCast #61

"It's tough. You have to have to relax a little bit. You have to kind of let yourself wander and play a bit. …but then you have to have a purpose for the character."
-Brett Bean

In This Episode:

  • Why you might NOT want to work at Pixar or Disney…
  • What makes an appealing character design?
  • Do you HAVE to do your own personal projects to succeed as a character designer?
  • How you might miss your creative calling if you don't question everything.
  • How your artistic growth is like video games.
  • How to battle bitterness.
  • What to do when you feel like giving up…

Head on over to this link to see more and listen to the free podcast brought to you by Chris Oatley and The Oatley academy.
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This month I started a Kickstarter!…

2 best friends trying to find their place in the galaxy filled with robots, bounty hunters, and corporations in Graphic Novel form.


my name is Brett Bean and I love books, comics in particular.  I've been in the animation/ entertainment industry for 10 years and I've been  helping create worlds, characters, and ideas but it's always been for someone else. Never my own creation.  I am truly eager to get MY ideas and MY visions directly from my brain and hands to your Brain and eyes. With the help of you and kickstarter, that time is now. Thank you for your time and I hope you believe in this as much as I do. If you'd like to know more about this project and my other work, please join me at:…

Please head on over.  Any and all support if it's a tweet, a backing, a facebook update.  Anything and everything helps when trying to make aDo It Yourself project a reality.  It literally takes a village to raise this child.  

Thanks and I'll see you on the interwebs...
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It's my anniversary today so it's a good enough excuse to give you all 15% off at the online store today only!  Head on over!  At checkout, use the code:


and save some cash!
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Sorry I was typing so loud at you but I wanted to make sure I got your attention.  Thanks to Julie's hard work we now have an Etsy store that has prints and one of a kind originals!  That's right, the morning sketches and whatever suits my fancies will eventually make it up on the etsy store.  As a special holiday treat AND grand opening of the Etsy store you can get 15% off your book order at the store envy shop.  I know it doesn't work for the Etsy shop, but as a bonus if you purchase anything at EITHER store and tweet and/or facebook the promo, me, my art, or anything Bean related, I will throw in a bonus item at no charge.  It will be a grab bag, but originals, earrings, prints, and anything else you've seen me with will be tossed in at random.   Happy holidays!
Here are the links to the 2 stores

Originals and Prints

Art Books
Store Envy

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This weekend is the animation Expo.  One of my favorites of all time.  If you're in Burbank on the 16th-18th and need some awesome to fill your brains go to this show.  I'll be on a panel with some amazingly talented folks, a demo on Friday night and a booth all weekend.  T-25.  Stop on by.

After that I pick up a backpack and travel to China for 10 days.  3 cities.  Cannot wait.

See you online in December or in person this weekend...or if you live in China maybe we'll run into each other.  I don't think there's  a ton of people in China...could be wrong ;)
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Hey all!  

So We had an amazing Designer con and  APE con this month.  Next up is CTN Animation Expo!  Nov 16th-18th in Burbank CA.  It's probably my favorite convention out of them all.  I will have a booth with originals, prints, art books, and myself.  I will be doing a couple demos that weekend as well as a guest panel with the amazing artists Torsten Schrank, Jose Lopez, John Nevarrez, Tony Siruno and then lil' ol' me on Saturday.  It's always a good time if you can make it.

Other news:

- I am still hard at work on the original graphic novel and on goal to get a kickstarter happening the first week in January.  

- I got to be a lead Designer on Slugterra which airs on Disney XD.  Go check that out so there will be a season 2 with even more cool slugs!

Well, that's about it.  Thanks everyone who visits, tweets, instas, shows up, facebooks, talks, buys, and supports this crazy journey I call a "career".  It really does mean a lot to both Julie and I.  So stop on by, say hello so I can keep putting names to avatar faces and I will see you online or in person.

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Things are gearing up!  Ape con is just a short time away and then CTN Animation Expo.  
Ape con I will have prints, originals, jewelry. and art books at the booth along with my smiling face.

CTN I will be doing demos, part of an awesome character design panel, and a booth with all the fixins'.

After that it's a short trip into China to get my inspiration on and then a kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel collection I so desperately want to make.  I've been cranking out pages but will need time and support to make it what I want it to be.  More on that soon but I am on isntagram posting WIPS as always.  Check out the name 2dbean on twitter, facebook, and instagram for updates.  That's all from me.  

I don't do the online talking thing too often as I'm usually making and painting but needed to update my friends and peers here at Deviant art.  Until we meet again.

Be good.

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Hey all!

I'll be at table P-10 in the small Press section so come on over and see me!  Originals, commissions, prints, jewelry, art books.  I am doing a live painting demo on Thursday from 3-5 pm at #5022 the CTN booth as well.  Thank to all you deviants who support me and my wife all these years, can't do it without ya.  Cya there or at a con near you some day me hopes.…

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100 pages of sketches!  Check out the blog for a video or just go to the store



thanks for reading!
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I will be in Artist Alley D-02 at this weekends Emerald City Comic Con!   If you're in town stop on by!
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I will be in Artist Alley this weekend in Anaheim for Wondercon.  Booth AA-189.  Come one by and say 'ello!

img […

Hope you all can make it.  Should be plenty to see, a new vibe in a new location, and many amazing artist friends will be there.
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Sketch theatre invited me to do a 2nd installment at the studio.  If you don't know about them, it's a cool idea you should go check out.  2 videos so far but tons of great artists on there for you to see.
If you have the time, go check it out at:…
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I'll be at the booth signing art books, prints, and originals.  Stop on by and say hi!
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People were so kind on my birthday that from today until next Sunday apply the code word "birthday" at check out to receive 20% off your entire order!!!!!  Visit thanks all for making my day!
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My next show is Emerald Con!  Woohoo!  Can't wait to go back home for a week.
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I will have a booth at the CTN Expo 2011 this weekend Nov. 18-20th at the Burbank Marriott Convention center here in Los Angeles CA.  The rest of the artists and companies are below.  I personally think you should check out Mark Mcdonnel, John Nevarez, Forrest Card, Jason Pruett, Brian Ajhar, Cheeks, Pascal Campion, Marcelo Vignali, Dean Yeagle, and Francisco Herrerra.  I mean check them all out but these people especially because they are extremely nice people and I like supporting great artists with great personalities.

Stop by, say hello!  I will have a new ashcan sketchbook, the art of book, and new prints and originals for sale.

I will be demoing live on the main stage on Friday 1PM and Saturday at 5PM!

Pascal Campion T-65
Forrest Card T-90
Danny Wise T-24
Tyler Carter T-34
Shane Glines T-14
Brett Bean T-17
Hanna Abi-Hanna T-27
Ivan Iguirre T-62
Brian Ajhar T-57
Mario Furmanczyk T-49
Katy Hargrove T-73
Frank Forte T-30
Cale Atkinson T-95
Eduardo Avenir T-43
Howard Shum T_94
Chris Ayers T-35
Damon Bard T_91
Andre Barnwell T-07
Ryan Benjamin T-87
Alberto Ruiz T-14
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway T-86
Chris Ingram T-46
Ted Davis T-16
Mark McDonnell T-54
David Colman T-79
Louie del Carmen T-64
David DePasquale T-77
Brianne Drouhard T-81B
Duncan Studio B-26

Jamie Caliri
Craig Elliot T-74
Peter Emmerich T-77
Andrea Fernandez T_02
Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham B-36
Bill Robinson T-71
Sonia Tiwari T_01
Zaruhi Galstian T-25
Walter Gatus T-59
Gentle Giant studios B-32 7 B-42
Ed Ghertner T-67
Ghostbot T-66
Gnomon B-24
Scott Petersen B-09
Steve Gordon T-50
Rudolphe Guernoden T-05
Ryan Hall T-04
Richard Peter Han T-03
Frank Hansen T-69
Thitipong Jitmakusol T-3
Liana Hee T-55
Francisco Herrera T-26
Trey Hodges T-28
Vadim Bashanov and Steven Neary T-22
iAnimate B-31
Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera T-40 and T-41
Jessika Von Inneremer T-95
Justin Orr T-76
June Kim T-27
Vladimir Kooperman T-61
Trevor Kraken T-73
Stephanie Laberis T_01
Christophe Lautrette T-05
White Lee T-68
Brittney Lee T-56
Josh Lieberman T-02
Lettie Lo T-43
Jose Lopez T-60
Joey Mason T-32
Maxon Computers B-26
Wayne Medina T-62
Mark Mohamed T-07
Fabian Molina T-58
Gary Montalbano T-37
Eric Gonzalez and Erich Haeger T-11
John Nevarez T-04
Gallery Nucleus B-46

Chris Oatley T-47
Paul Wee T-31
Kris Pearn T-51
GPixologic B-43
Powerhouse Animation Studios B-25
Jason Pruett T-47
Willie Real T-23
Nicolas Villareal T-39
Reel FX B-17
Rhino House B-16
Rhythm and Hues B-45
Ricardo De Los Angeles T-21
Robh Ruppel T-72
Ralph McQuarrie Gallery
Donnachada Daly T-19
Sheridan College T-96
Stephen Silver T-09
Beth Sleven T-18
Society of Illustrators T-66
Sony Animation B-27
Trevor Spencer T-02
Mark Sperber T-88
Zach Stark T-24
Coran Stone T-48
Sergio Paez T-70
Sherm Cohen T-526
Stuart Ng Books B-4, B-5 & B-6
Marceline Tanquay T-61
The Animation Guild T-10
Renaud Armanet T-06
ToonBoom B-37
Tori Davis T-75
Genevieve Tsai
Robert Tsai T-28
USC School of Cinematic Arts T-03
Valerio Ventura T-78
Mario Pochat T-36
Glenn Vilppu B-07 & B-08
Wacom B-21 & B-22
Walt Disney Animation B-13
Walt Disney TV Animation B-12
Jim Hillin T-85
Woodbury University B-29 & B-30
Mike Yamada T-45
Dean Yeagle B-41
Victoria Ying T-45
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