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Published: November 19, 2011
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The Imperial Guard relief force marched through the city gates with crowds of the native inhabitants looking on. But there was little cheering or celebrating.
The grim-looking army was not the angels of salvation that the people had thought they would be. Rather, they were silent, lifeless beings that spared the people not even a single glance as they marched by. The peoples faces grew nearly as dreary as the soldiers masks as they realized that their saviors were not like angels, but more like walking corpses.

But through the crowd of bleak and cheerless faces, a bright and sunny one appeared.
'Why is everyone so afraid of them,' she thought, 'when they're here to save us? We should be thankful.'
She leaned over the side and reached out to the nearest passing soldier, holding one of the summer flowers she had gathered.

'These are for someone else, but you can have one.' she said cheerfully.
The soldier hesitated for a moment, looking at the gift being presented to him, then he moved back into formation. He didn't take it, but she was sure that he wanted to.
Her grandmother frantically pulled her back and began scolding her. She didn't listen, she just put the flower back with the rest and stepped back, her smile unchanged.


I do commissions:
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This image was my take on :iconnicklausofkrieg:'s drawing here:
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With this beautiful flower reward (Chuckles) Does put a smile on my face. 8-)

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can we get a follow up picture of this grenadier shooting her in the forehead for ruining his parade?
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The way I see it your picture really capture the contrast between the despair a soldier often feels as they fight in grueling bloody conflicts, taking lives of fellow humans for the sake of their duty, and the happiness of seeing that despite all the horrible things they have seen and done, an innocent child still looks up to them as hero.

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JwwProdHobbyist Traditional Artist
I get a Fahrenheit 451 vib from this.
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He will die in the name of the Emperor.

On a planet that he has never heard of.

Against a foe that he has never seen before.

He will be a tool while he lives and a statistic when he is dead.

But for what it's worth, he will have this gift.

In the moment of his death, he will remember what he dead to protect.

And in the end he will remember her and smile.
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Even in the Grim Darkness of The Future, there is still honor and chivalry
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great work. and I just watched arch Warhammer krig lore
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This makes my heart ache a little with how poignant it is.  It really makes one feel for the insanely courageous Imperial Guard.
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jack2the7ripperStudent Writer
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Days later as the war reaches the city, that very same soldier is walking through the war torn remains of a hab block and he comes upon this girl once more, shot dead in a hallway, the flowers scattered across the ground next to her, covered in blood and dust, he stares emotionlessly at her corpse, remembering briefly that moment when she offered him one of her flowers.  He begins to reach down to take one of the flowers, and just as he's about to touch one, he remembers his duty, stands up and continues to walk down the darkened corridors, there is no room for weakness, there are more heretics to hunt.

I'm not a good writer, but that's more or less how I see things happening, 40K is dark as hell, for every act of innocence, there are countless acts of greed, treachery, and tragic events, afterall, that is the grim dark future that is Warhammer 40K.
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AxtonDragunovHobbyist Writer
It would make sense that a few Kreigers would be able to resist the conditioning of the their training and retain an ounce or two of their inner humanity 
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TransformAndConquerHobbyist Digital Artist
What is this 'happiness' and 'joy' and 'love'?

Kriegers don't tend to be too familiar with those things.
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The Kriegers deserve forgiveness from Big E at this point.
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MasterRJHobbyist Artist
This is what they deserve. Not the Space Marines are the heroes of the Imperium but the Imperial Guard. Without their sacrifices even the Space Marines and every other faction in the Imperium would not be able to survive.

It's just so sad how many of them die every day.
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General-SkullHobbyist Artist
as a fan of the death korps pls go to my page and review my story about a charactor im making who is from Krieg
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Beautiful, you bring kindness to a universe it has no business being a part of.
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
This image creates so many feels, because you know the guardsman wants to take it, but he's probably thinking, "shit if I take that, the Commissar is gonna shoot me," so he just casually nods and steps back into formation.
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TheJuniorMintHobbyist Writer
This is sweet.
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Someone didn't get the memo that she lives in a grimdark universe. Really like this, nice idea.
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"To die in the service of the Imperium or die trying."

This image is a real punch in the gut.
Bravo Sir.
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Now I don't know what to feel...
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