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Magnus Williamson, Dauphin de Viennois.

(Aquitaine) Magnus Williamson, Dauphin de Viennois


The Map of The Known World of My Low-Fantasy Setting.

My Fantasy World Map Focused

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Welcome to my online showroom! Many, if not most of my designs are derivative pieces. That is to say, a large sum of my designs are either the complete re-hauls of the original artworks of other artists, or are edits of stock images found on the internet. I do not claim intellectual property to the original artworks that serve as the base foundations of my designs so much as I lay claim to the artistic license that went into the editing and re-hauling of the original artworks of other artists into original designs of my own. The vast majority of my designs are for a low-fantasy setting of my original conception with technology equivalent to the late medieval and renaissance periods, where formations of heavily armoured and mounted knights fight alongside armies of pikemen and matchlock musketeers, where medieval-style stone castles are gradually being outsourced in favour of both lavish country estates and devoted military fortifications due to the advancements made in artillery technology, and where growing nation-states in the form of Kingdoms and Empires look beyond the boundaries of the known world in search of greater wealth and territory. Most of my designs draw inspiration from the aesthetics of Medieval and Early Modern European History, Game of Thrones, and Warhammer Fantasy before Age of Sigmar.

Bienvenue a ma salle d'exposition en ligne! Maintes, si ce n'est pas la plupart des mes dessins sont les oeuvres derivatives. C'est-à-dire que une grande somme de mes dessins sont l'un ou l'autre les refontes completes des oeuvres originales des autres artistes ou les révisions des images en stock qui ont trouve sur l'internet. Je ne revendiques pas la propriété intellectuelle aux oeuvres originales qui servent des fondements de base de mes dessins quoique je revendiques la licence artistique qui est allee a la révision et la refonte des oeuvres originales des autres artistes aux dessins originals a moi. La plupart immense de mes dessins est pour un cadre de basse-fantaisie de ma conception originale avec la technologie équivalent à la fin de l'epoque medievale et l'epoque de renaissance, ou les formations des chevaliers lourdements blindés et à cheval combattent aux côtés des armees des piquiers et des mouquetaires de platine à mèche, ou les chateaux forts medievals se remplacent graduellement en faveur des deux des propriétés de compagne sompteuses et les fortifications militaires dévouées en raison des avancées de la technologie d'artillerie, et ou les etats-nations croissants sous la forme des royaumes et les empires cherchent au-delà de la frontière du monde connu à la recherche de la richesse et du territoire plus grands. La plupart de mes dessins tire l'inspiration des esthetiques de l'histoire des epoques medievale et moderne, Game of Thrones, et Warhammer Fantasy avant Age of Sigmar.

The Reformation is Complete on DeviantArt!

The Reformation is Complete on DeviantArt!

To all my loyal friends, fans, and followers on DeviantArt, I have succeeded in completing my sweeping reform to change the names of all my characters, the names of most of the factions, and much of the lore attached to the artwork of my fantasy setting. From this point on, my fantasy setting will be rooted on a completely fictional basis with none of my characters and factions being inherently tied to my real-world friends and family. As of today, my reformation has finally been realized all across the internet with DeviantArt being my last page where the reformation has been officially implemented.

A Reformation Has Begun!

A Reformation Has Begun!

To all my friends and followers on DeviantArt, I have begun to take measures to reform, or otherwise disassociate both my artwork and my fantasy setting from my real world friends and family. I am taking steps into rehauling both the artwork and lore of my fantasy setting, so that neither of them are inherently connected to my real world friends and family. By doing this, I hope to both expand the limitations of my creative freedom from the legal implications of using the names of real world people, as well as untie, or otherwise free my fantasy setting from an inherent dependency on the status of my real world friendships and relationships.

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