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Jaime Lannister

By Breogan
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Jaime Lannister, aka "the Kingslayer", from "A Song of Ice & Fire" by George R. R. Martin.
Despite his many flaws, especially at the beginning of the saga, he's become one of my favourite characters :love: He definitely deserves some kind of redemption, since he's making amends for his past mistakes, and because it annoys the hell out of me how quick everybody is to judge and label him "kingslayer" without giving a second thought to the reasons he may have had to act as such.
I'm not one for romance, but I seriously hope GRRM gives him and Brienne a chance. Now, that would be a pairing that would melt my heart :love:... George, you seriously owe me that, after years waiting for Book 5!!!! *raises fist in threatening manner*

This is how I picture him to look like, a golden lion in all his splendour, wearing the colours of House Lannister, and with a "Hear me roar!" attitude.

P.S. Painting plate-armour is a bitch...

PS CS5 & tablet.

Jaime Lannister, Brienne, ASOIAF © George R. R. Martin
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This is brilliant!
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Nice Jaime! And Jaime/Brienne, that would be something! I would love it, somehow they seem tied to each other. But do you think it is possible - to avoid spoilers - after the last chapter with Brienne's POV?
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Yes, I think it's possible since I believe the ending of Brienne's last chapter in AFFC is just a cliff-hanger, and not to be taken literally. Of course, this is just my humble opinion.
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I hope it is so, too :fingerscrossed:
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lovely painting! his armor came out great! supposedly we only have to wait till July for book 4.5 (5)!
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Yep, Jul 12th is the confirmed date for DwD :D
Thanks for the comment, btw.
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I love it! This is a great Jaime :D
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This is really well done!
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Jaime's definitely one of the more underappreciated characters of the saga ... let's hope he gets his happy ending! :D Beautiful, as always my dear :)
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Thanks :)
Not sure about the "happy ending"... I would love for him to gain some kind of happiness by the end of the saga (esp. if that involves Brienne - à la "the Male-Beauty & the She-Beast"), but such thing could very well not be in the cards for him. I guess he's down on a lot of people's "baddie-list" since he's a flawed character who has done a "couple" of terrible things... seems like some people can't see past the "child-thrower/sister-bedder" side of Jaime ;). But then, doesn't all that make him a truly and genuine interesting character, being the base for his quest for redemption after realising he's tired of having "shit for honour"?
Dunno, every time I re-read the books I fear that Cersei's going to be the death of him, literally. I'm sure she's the kind of bitch that will soon have him killed or kill him herself before seeing him happy with someone else. Now, that's TRULY a "baddie", Cersei Lannister... *snarls* :angered: Despite his flaws and misdeeds, Jamie is not even half as conniving, back-stabbing, evil and manipulative his sister is.
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"I fear that Cersei's going to be the death of him" while I fear he is the volnquar she fears so much in the "Feast for crows". Unless the other end gets her as the book end suggests (don't want to post spoilers for others).
Breogan's avatar
Yes, Jaime could be the valonqar, and she will definitely deserve such end, but I cannot help but thinking that the magi's prophecy speaks of Tyrion. Of course, that's just an inkling, who knows what GRRM has in store for her? As I said in a previous comment, I fear that her relationship with Jaime can only end up in death - again, Jaime's words about Cersei's death sound more ominous than ever - so despite my wishful thinking of Jaime getting some measure of happiness, I cannot deny the possibility that the siblings' fates might be bound in the end and resulting in utter disaster.
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I've got ADFWD for a several days now, had no time to start reading but already know the answer to if it's a cliff hanger or not ;) Hopefully I'll start reading tonight :fingerscrossed:
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Oh I definitely agree with you, between the two of the twins, Cersei is the one you'd better watch out for! Compared to her Jamie could definitely pass as one of the good guys. I'm hoping he gets some more positive development towards the end of the saga ... every character in ASoIF can't be doomed! :)
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