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Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister, aka "the Kingslayer", from "A Song of Ice & Fire" by George R. R. Martin.
Despite his many flaws, especially at the beginning of the saga, he's become one of my favourite characters :love: He definitely deserves some kind of redemption, since he's making amends for his past mistakes, and because it annoys the hell out of me how quick everybody is to judge and label him "kingslayer" without giving a second thought to the reasons he may have had to act as such.
I'm not one for romance, but I seriously hope GRRM gives him and Brienne a chance. Now, that would be a pairing that would melt my heart :love:... George, you seriously owe me that, after years waiting for Book 5!!!! *raises fist in threatening manner*

This is how I picture him to look like, a golden lion in all his splendour, wearing the colours of House Lannister, and with a "Hear me roar!" attitude.

P.S. Painting plate-armour is a bitch...

PS CS5 & tablet.

Jaime Lannister, Brienne, ASOIAF © George R. R. Martin
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This is brilliant!