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spaceship nose art

By Brenze
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The game was canceled but, this was done in order to be placed on the nose of a spaceship. I ripped off the pose from an early Donald Duck image.
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Can't believe they scrapped Aliens RPG (esp since they let the seriously mundane AVP3 through!!!), assuming this was for that. I love all your designs (very Ron Cobb IMO) for this unreleased "sci fi game" in any case... I know exactly the Donald Duck pic this is based on too! Awesome dropship noseart that deserves to be used somewhere someday, mate.
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Thanks! Ron Cobb - I'll take that as a very nice compliment.
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You should, mate... much deserved. I'd love to see you illustrate an entire project like the old 'Aliens Technical Manual', actually.
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That's great,I would love to see it in situ on a battle scarred spaceship .
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Well I think that is actually your best piece. Don't know how I could miss this in the first place.
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thanks! :)
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Ha! Love it.
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RedPaintsProfessional Digital Artist
Great dynamics, those poses should be reused, i dont want them to get lost in time!

Great work. Always loved your art. I'm striving to become a bigger and better concept artist just like you. <3

Just saw a post about your controversial picture that got taken down. People are soft, it's a great statement. Art is art, I think you should be able to put it back up if you want. :D

Peace. <3
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thank you for the kind words :0
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