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So earlier today I go and check my email! See a email reading "Pelican On A Post".  About four weeks ago I decided to submit one of my painting just to see if it would make it. Trying to get my ART seen! Well is this my CHANCE! I have a great feeling! My ART will be SEEN by MANY PPL! Didn't think about it since that day! Forgot about it really!  This is the email!

Dear Brent,

Thank you for your recent art submission. We have reviewed your work "Pelican On A Post" and believe it would make an excellent addition to our upcoming art book entitled "Reflections, A Collection of Art". Our editors are very selective about the art that we publish and only the best artwork is included in our books.

We are including the art of over 100 artists and they represent some of the most creative and thought provoking works we have seen. Each piece will be featured on it's own page, along with the artists' name, city, state and artwork title.The book itself will be a beautiful full-color, hardcover edition printed on heavy coated paper. Copies of the artbook will also be sent to top art galleries in digital format.

To reserve a copy of "Reflections, A Collection of Art" featuring your art please use the link below. Please allow 6-8 weeks for printing and shipping to receive your copy. We have arranged special pre-publication pricing for this edition.

The artwork remains the exclusive property of the artist.…

Best wishes,

Megan Summers Director of Publications Art Impressions Publishing, Inc.